Statement from Family First National Director Lyle Shelton

How many times do the Liberals have to lose to realise that aping Labor, the Greens and the Teals is a failed strategy?

On electricity bill-hiking energy policy, the Liberals were the same as Labor, the Greens, and Teals.

They all support plunging the state into “net zero” with no plan to provide affordable and reliable base-load electricity – the stuff that keeps lights on and bills down.   

On indoctrinating children with harmful transgender ideology, there was also no difference.

Matthew Guy even supports putting parents in jail who might try and encourage a child to wait before altering their body irreversibly.

It’s crazy stuff but he’s too timid to break with woke.

Nothing separated Labor and Liberal on the big social and economic issues.

Daniel Andrews is many things but a weak leader he is not.

Faced with two leaders offering more of the same, voters stuck with the devil they knew. Literally.

Being Labor-lite failed Stephen Marshal in South Australia, Scott Morrison in Canberra and now Matthew Guy’s Liberals in Victoria.

The Liberals need to break out of the Labor, Green, Teal quad on energy and social policy.

Peter Dutton should embrace his conservative instincts and begin to argue a new vision to millennials.

Voters are sticking with Labor because there is no contest for ideas. They never hear an alternative.

If Dutton would argue the truth about energy and gender – two iconic litmus test public policy issues – voters could be won over.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won his recent gubernatorial race by pushing back against radical political correctness.

“Florida is where woke goes to die,” he declared.

Australians want to protect the environment but they also want affordable electricity without the threat of blackouts.

They are tolerant of people who chose to live their lives differently but that doesn’t mean they support gender-fluid indoctrination of children at school.

Small government, low debt, good economic management and avoiding social radicalism are all strong political ground for a leader with the courage to strike out and argue the case.

Matthew Guy’s lack of courage meant he failed to present an alternative vision.

Australian history’s most anti-Christian, anti-family and economically irresponsible premier has four more years.

Meanwhile, as of last night, Family First had polled almost three per cent State-wide – out-polling all other minor parties.

Some minor parties didn’t run in the lower house so we will have to wait until upper house votes are counted over coming days to understand Family First’s full impact.

Nonetheless, we are encouraged with this result given that the party came late to the election, only achieving registration in early October.

Our candidates and volunteers worked heroically over a short period.

They proved there is a solid base of voters looking for a positive alternative to the radical political correctness offered by Liberal, Labor, Green and Teal.

It’s great to have Family First back in the game. Our work for family, life and freedom has only just begun.