This week a board member and political editor at Australia's $1.3 billion taxpayer-funded ABC said we were a bunch of racists.

Laura Tingle said this while speaking on a panel at the Sydney writer's festival - take a listen.

"We are a racist country, let's face it. We always have been, and it’s very depressing," she said.

Yes, we had a White Australia policy which we abolished in the 1960s and since then Australia has become a melting pot of peoples from all over the world.

The over-riding Australian ethos is one of egalitarianism. If you have a go, you will get a go in this country regardless of your skin colour, ethnicity or religion.

People of different races are so keen to come here they will do almost anything to get here including pay people smugglers to bring them here on rickety boats.

No one is getting on rickety boats or even aircraft to go to Islamic countries or India and Pakistan for a new life - they come here to what Laura Tingle says is a racist nation.

The truth is our cultural elites loath Australia and believe it is illegitimate. They are looking for every opportunity to undermine our nation whether its through rubbishing Australia Day or discrediting our history.

Australia is not perfect but the genius of our Western Judeo-Christian heritage is that we have the capacity to self-correct. The British were the first to abolish slavery and then they enforced the ban globally at great cost in treasure and lives.

As mentioned, Australia abolished the White Australia policy. Everyone in Australia has equality under the law.

Yet none of this is good enough for the ABC and our cultural elites which are trying to re-shape our nation and make us weak.

As Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie said this week, why would young people want to join the military and fight for a nation they have been taught to hate?

Given the internal and external threats Australia faces, the ABC's undermining of our nation is actually treasonous.

If Laura Tingle wants to call out racism, she should look at China, Japan, North Korea and Malaysia.

Australia is not perfect and of course in any society there will be some racists people.

But the biggest race issue Australia faces right now is the antisemitism being promoted by the elites and our Muslim leaders. Yet Laura Tingle's ABC has hardly touched the antisemitism crisis sweeping the nation.

Australia is the least racist country on the planet. The idea that it is racist is fake news.