When leaders fail, things drift. Drift never ends well.

There’s hardly a problem facing Australia that has not been caused by a failure of political leadership.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is there is not a problem that can’t be solved by a restoration of courageous and principled political leadership.

Will and courage, qualities in short supply among our political class, is all that is needed.

Blame for the failures lies especially with the conservative side of politics which, despite a handful of magnificent individual hold-outs, has capitulated on most things that matter.

The news this week is more dispiriting than usual. Rather than whinge and moan, Family First is fighting back.

But fighting back requires taking stock of the predicament in which we find ourselves.

Here’s a snapshot from a woeful week:

  • The Coalition, when in office, put weak and woke judges on the High Court who this week released a bunch of hardened criminals into the community, including a paedophile and several murders;
  • Many Labor MPs, the Greens, Teals, Muslim leaders, universities and much of the media continue siding with those seeking the destruction of the state of Israel;
  • For the first time in our history Jews don’t feel safe in Australia;
  • The energy market regulator is again warning of summer blackouts despite Australia supposedly being a first world country;
  • A Hobart City Councillor, Louis Elliott is the latest to be dragged before a government tribunal for seeking to protect the welfare of women and girls by telling the truth about gender;
  • A leading banker says home loans are now the preserve of the rich and out of reach for lower income people.

These are just some of the disturbing examples of national decline reported this week.

Some days you just shake your head. Sadly, those days are becoming more frequent.

How on earth did the lucky country, Australia, get to the point where free speech is punished, blackouts and expensive electricity are normal, our social cohesion is threatened by people who hate our culture and the Australian dream of home ownership is out of reach unless you have wealth?

This is a million miles from the Australia I grew up in.

All of this has happened because politicians let it.

When leaders fail, things drift. Drift never ends well.

It’s why Family First is working hard to raise a political movement to counter the drift.

We believe in a nation where home ownership is affordable, energy is cheap and abundant, illegal immigrants who commit crimes are not released into the community, there is moral clarity when acts of barbarism are committed requiring a response, freedom of speech is again sacrosanct and there is crystal clarity about the difference between boys and girls.

To be fair, the Coalition has been good on Israel. But that’s about it.

Louise Elliott’s truth-telling about gender is being persecuted in the Liberal-run state of Tasmania.

Sadly the Coalition fails to fight for free speech, allowing anti-free speech laws and so-called human rights commissions to stand unchallenged.

It was Coalition politicians who put former Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the plane to Glasgow where he signed up to the prosperity-destroying net zero agenda.

Australia can’t wait for the Coalition to get its act together.

Net zero is driving inflation and cost of living through the roof, children are being damaged in child gender clinics, freedom of speech is in peril and young people can’t afford to own property.

Family First is working to counter this bad news by raising good people to run for parliament in elections wherever possible.

We are committed to raising candidates with character, courage and resolve.

Family First is the only party contesting the Mulgrave by-election, caused by the early exit of former Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, which is pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-family and pro-affordable energy.

The failure of political leadership demands a response and that is why Family First is building a new political force that will fight for life, family, faith and freedom.