Family First has called on the Albanese Government to immediately withdraw harmful LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology and other woke curriculum material from childcare centres.

The call follows shocking revelations by the Institute of Public Affairs today that Labor’s new curriculum for childcare centres is indoctrinating toddlers into cultural Marxism.

National Director and lead Senate candidate for New South Wales Lyle Shelton accused the Albanese government of leading toddlers down a harmful path of gender confusion and causing them to question the legitimacy of their nation.

The IPA’s research has shown “diversity, inclusion and equity” mentioned 149 times, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and reconciliation 96 times. However, mother, father and parent were not mentioned at all.

The federal government's childcare regulator, the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority, is encouraging 0–5-year-olds to explore their gender and concepts that disrupt the “colonial understandings” which built Australia.

“The only thing children need to understand about gender is that there are boys and there are girls. Full stop,” Shelton said.

“Following the UK’s Cass Report which found children were being irreversibly harmed by so-called gender affirmation treatments, it is irresponsible in the extreme for the Albanese Government to be opening the gate for gender fluid ideology in childcare centres.”

According to the Daily Mail’s reporting of the IPA’s research, learning materials recommended by the regulator include ideas that children should be 'understanding and exploring gender' and that 'colonial understandings' should be 'disrupted'.

“The regulator suggests children perform a daily Acknowledgement of Country and that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags are displayed in childcare centres,” media reports.

The IPA’s Dr Bella d'Abrera said: “Similar to the National Curriculum, Australia's early learning framework begins the process of indoctrination by introducing infants and toddlers to radical gender and social justice theory, rather than allowing children to simply be children”.

Shelton said mainstream families simply wanted a safe place in which their children could be cared for, not indoctrination into Marxist “post structuralism” which is focussed on pulling down the pillars of civil society which it deems “oppressive”.

The regulator’s Belonging, Being and Becoming curriculum, which childcare centres are legally bound to follow, does not even mention the words mother, father or parents.

The IPA’s research note says:

ACECQA’s agenda is to use early childhood centres to introduce 0- to 5-year-olds to social justice. It recommends material which states that ‘when we engage with social justice in the early years, we often seek to explore issues and ideas around gender, sexuality, race, culture, and our environment’ and that ‘these are significant areas which can be exciting to explore with children…’

“Not only is the government indoctrinating children in hatred of nation, it is causing them question their biological make up with potential catastrophic consequences,” Shelton said.

The radical left’s takeover of mainstream politics is why Family First is fielding candidates at up-coming Queensland, ACT and federal elections.

“We simply have to build a political movement that will stand up for families and mainstream values,” Shelton said.

Dr d'Abrera will speak on education policy at Family First’s National Conference in Sydney on September 7.

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