Girls and women’s rights advocate, Kirralie Smith, has received a public apology from prominent LGBTIQA+ political activist Michael Barnett.

Barnett posted on Twitter, now X, the most vile slur imaginable of Smith.

She immediately launched defamation action resulting in this week’s public apology.

Barnett was forced to write on X the following:

“On 10 July 2023, I tweeted about Ms Kirralie Smith. I used language that I accept was wrong and inappropriate, and I withdraw it without reservation. I apologise to Ms Smith for any harm caused by my tweet.”

In a sign that he might not be as contrite as his apology suggests, he overlaid it on artwork depicting the political flag of the LGBTIQA+, trans and black lives matter movement.

This of course is a flag that represents the harms to girls, women and children Kirralie Smith calls out.

Barnett’s actions call into question whether he is worthy of the Order of Australia award he holds.

This incident also highlights the lack of love and tolerance by preachers of love and tolerance like Barnett who readily resort to vile slurs instead of engaging with arguments raised against their political beliefs.