South Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic’s bill to ban experimental gender conversion therapy treatments on children failed in the Senate this week.

The private Senator’s bill, while importantly shining a light on this LGBTIQA+ medical scandal, was shut down in a vote by Labor, the Greens and leftist cross-benchers.

Prominent Liberals like Peter Dutton’s Senate Leader Simon Birmingham abstained from the vote, contributing to the bill’s demise.

Family First applauds Senator Antic for trying to protect children but notes it should have been a Coalition bill, not a private Senator’s bill.

Family First is campaigning to have child gender clinics closed, following the lead of the UK after its Tavistock clinic was found to have harmed children by causing sterility and other irreversible damage.

Family First also commends Senators Matt Canavan and Ralph Babet for their courage in co-sponsoring the bill.