The insane persecution of Moira Deeming by the Liberal Party should jolt all Australians out of their rainbow-induced coma.

The stakes in this saga couldn’t be higher for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and for the safety of girls, women and children.

But because the Liberals have made their choice, they must rid themselves of the Victorian Upper House MP.

It’s that or face the wrath of the all-powerful LBTIQA+ political movement.

The Liberals have already decided not to challenge this political behemoth, even though in reality it is merely a mouse that roared.

Challenging the rainbow political flag would take courage. Courage is drained from the party of Menzies and Howard.

Allowing Deeming to survive would mean winding back the predictable consequences of capitulating to the 2017 de-gendering of marriage, aka same-sex marriage.

The Liberals don’t want to do it. They, along with Labor, have reached their accommodation with rainbow politics, driven by the Greens.

They have accepted peace terms which mean forever acquiescing to each new demand, no matter how whacky.

Politicians now bow to the idea that men can get pregnant and that children’s gender was erroneously “assigned at birth” by ignorant midwives, doctors and parents.

They are silent as this ideology is now taught in our schools.

The Victorian Liberals even took the most radical of rainbow politics to the last election – pledging to jail parents who seek to protect their own children from the gender clinic.

The Liberals’ election platform included a pledge to hand taxpayer money to Pride Centre lawyers to litigate anyone who dares violate rainbow speech codes which exist in flawed anti-discrimination law.

Deeming said nothing publicly about these Liberal policies during the election campaign, although her pro-family, pro-freedom views were well-known at the time of her pre-selection.

They tried to snuff her out then, knowing she could be a problem later.

Once in Parliament, she rightly took up the cudgels and joined the now infamous rally in support of girls’ and women’s rights.

She did nothing wrong and everything right. The only Liberals who erred that day were the ones who failed to grasp what’s at stake or who simply lacked the courage to join the rally.

All hell has broken out against Deeming because she has upset the Liberals’ capitulation to rainbow ideology.

That concord must be protected at all costs. That’s why Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto is prepared to stake his fledgling leadership on expelling Deeming - “shooting ourselves in the head”, in the words of one senior colleague. 

Last week deputy federal leader Sussan Ley fired what could only be seen as a warning shot over the heads of Liberals like Deeming, telling Liberals to stay away from the “culture wars”.

And herein lies the problem with the modern Liberals. It goes to the heart of why the Family First Party is now a necessary part of the political landscape.

The radical left never shy from the “culture wars”. Never. They drive them along a one-way highway with no political opposition.

They have spooked the Liberals into thinking that to join the battle is to hate people and be bigoted.

This has been a clever and effective tactic. It is of course a lie.

The Liberals (and the social conservatives that used to exist in Labor) have been deceived.

Silence has been the result and now the Liberals are forced to enforce the new orthodoxy, even if it means blowing up their own party.

The losers are mainstream Australians who can’t understand why politicians won’t act to stop their kids being indoctrinated at school.

The losers are mums and dads being forced to watch as biological males are playing against their daughters in junior soccer as the Football Federation enforces rainbow ideology at grassroots level.

The losers are the children being led off to the gender clinics to be plied with harmful puberty blockers and cross sex hormones. Some young Australian girls have even had double mastectomies, such is the power of rainbow ideology to drive cruel and unusual “medical” treatments.

A New South Wales court last week issued a judgement describing a sexual offender against a child having exposed “her penis”.

Deeming is a victim of rape as a child. Not even that heartfelt disclosure stopped her colleagues from handing her a nine-month suspension from the Liberal Party room for the crime of standing up for girls and women against the encroachment into their private spaces of biological males claiming to be women.

Instead, they have smeared her with a Nazi, Nazi, Nazi hoax.

It’s despicable. It’s unjust. She is right to sue Pesutto for letting this stand.

What’s happening to Deeming cannot be put down to internal Liberal party politics.

This is a metaphor for the struggle between a harmful ideology and the aspirations of mainstream families who want a safe future for girls, women and children. It’s why Family First is determined ensure these aspirations are on the ballot paper whenever elections are held in this nation.