Expelled Victorian Liberal Moira Deeming this week used the Parliament to shine a light on the harm LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics are doing.

She moved a motion for an inquiry into the so-called “affirmation model” which requires doctors and counsellors to affirm a child in his or her gender confusion, often putting them on a path to harmful puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and even mutilating surgery.

Despite expelling her from the Parliamentary Liberal Party, her colleagues voted in support of her motion.

This was a surprise move given they had voted to boot her after Liberal Leader John Pesutto falsely associated her with Nazis after thugs gate-crashed a pro-girls’ and women’s rally at the Victorian Parliament in March.

The Liberals had also previously backed former Premier Daniel Andrews Change and Suppression Act which jails parents, doctors and counsellors who warn children of the harms of LGBTIQA+ gender conversion therapy.

It is testament to Deeming’s perseverance under great pressure that the logic of her motion meant her colleagues would have looked even more silly than they already do if they had opposed an inquiry.

Mainstream media has supressed the harms of LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics but more and more information is coming to light as brave de-transitioners and clinicians speak up.

Sadly Deeming’s motion was voted down by Labor, the Greens and other radicals on the cross-bench.

Kudos to Deeming for putting the motion and continuing to shine a light on what is arguably the greatest medical scandal of our time.