Sydney hosts the global LGBTIQA+ World Pride festival next month.

Interspersed among promotions for animal-themed fetish parties, pictures of naked men in sexual positions and a general kaleidoscope of raunch, several events on the "Pride Amplified" website target children.

An image from the World Pride Festival website which appears diagonally across from artwork promoting a children's drag queen story time event.

New South Wales taxpayers are paying $6.2 million to Sydney World Pride which inducts pre-schoolers into sexualised and gender-fluid queer culture through “Pride Amplified” events on a website that boasts those children’s events are “part of Sydney WorldPride”.

An image from the World Pride festival website.

Promoting its Fetish Expo as the “ultimate LGBTIQA+ sexuality show” (“everyone welcome”), the Pride Amplified website asks: “Why not…grab a whip while watching the puppy and pony parade?”

An image from the World Pride festival website.

Why the Perrottet Government is helping fund a festival with a sex show that includes animals is a more appropriate question.

The Liberal party gives lip service to “family values” but no one believes them. The Perrottet government is helping put sexualised and gender fluid drag queens in front of children as young as three as part of World Pride “amplified” events.

An image from LGBTIQA+ drag queen Joyce Maynge's social media. Manage is advertised to read to children as young as three at World Pride festival. Note how he links indoctrinating children into same-sex marriage, something activists at the time of the 2017 plebiscite denied would happen if Australians voted Yes. They lied.

The Coalition also allows the teachers’ union to run a World Pride-amplified competition in schools.

Were parents asked?

Liberal and National party ministers in the Perrottet government boast about providing at least $4.5 million to World Pride.

$3.5 million is for funding “pride villages” in Sydney’s Oxford St while another $1 million is to stage “any artform”, according to Arts Minister and Nationals MP Ben Franklin.

Can the minister rule out taxpayer funds to “sexuality shows” that include whips, ponies and puppies?

If only journalists would do their job.

“The NSW Government is proud to support and celebrate Sydney World Pride Festival, the most internationally celebrated LGBTQIA+ festival in the world, which will strengthen Sydney’s reputation as a global and inclusive city,” Franklin said.

Never mind the weakening of family values and the truth about gender.

Not to be outdone, the Sydney City Council, long run by woke activists, is kicking in a cool $1.7 million of ratepayers’ money.

No surprises there. Woke corporates, who pay most of the rates, have long been distracted from their primary task of maximising shareholder value.

Something for mum and dad investors to raise at the next AGM?

As usual with LGBTIQA+ drag queen story time events for children, one doesn’t have to do too much due diligence on their social media to discover they are role models most parents would not choose for their children.

“Joyce Maynge”, who features at two events (including one advertised for three year-olds), has a social media presence which mainstream parents would want to keep away from little eyes.

An image from World Pride festival children's performer Joyce Maynge's Facebook page.

It’s a good thing most kids in Australia don’t have access to internet-enabled devices.

LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology, which promotes puberty blockers, hormones and surgery, has caused so much harm to gender confused children in the UK that the Tavistock child gender clinic was closed last year.

Yet a Liberal-National government in NSW is happy to promote rainbow ideology to children, giving it special access to public primary and high schools as part of World Pride festival.

This is on top of the Wear It Purple Days and “safe schools” activities laced through the school curriculum.

From the World Pride festival website promoting a LGBTIQA+ competition in schools to children from Kinder upwards.

The Family First Party has been re-birthed because Liberal, National, Labor, the teals and the Greens have long-abandoned protecting children and promoting the virtues which make for flourishing families, a civil society and a strong nation.

Having redefined marriage, it seems queer culture through taxpayer-funded festivals like World Pride is pushing “new frontiers”.

But this is of course what homosexual activists and ABC personalities like Benjamin Law promised during the same sex marriage campaign.

It’s one thing for the activists to promote their harmful cause to children, it’s another for the Liberals to fund it.