The Family First Party calls upon the Albanese Government to urge the Libyan Government not to execute six Christians on death row.

The Guardian newspaper reports:

"Six Libyans are facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity and proselytising under laws increasingly being used to silence civil society and human rights organisations, say activists.

"The women and men – some from Libya’s minority ethnic groups, including the Amazigh, or Berbers, in the west of the country – were separately detained in March by security forces."

Family First National Director Lyle Shelton said: “freedom of religion is a basic human right recognised under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) to which Libya is a signatory”.

“Family First calls on the Albanese Government to make urgent representations to the Libyan Government via Libya’s embassy in Canberra.

“The execution of people for their religious beliefs is something Australia as part of the community of nations should never turn a blind eye to,” Mr Shelton said.

The Guardian reports that Libya’s Internal Security Agency said in a statement that the arrests were to “stop an organised gang action aiming to solicit and to make people leave Islam”.

“People in all countries should be free to leave or join the religion of their choice,” Mr Shelton said.