The Family First Party of Australia condemns the recent inappropriate and divisive behaviour exhibited by Senator Lidia Thorpe outside a Melbourne strip club.

Senator Thorpe's actions have been both shocking and disappointing, particularly to Australian families who expect better from their elected officials.

Family First National Director Lyle Shelton stated, "Australian families rightfully expect their elected representatives to be role models and uphold the values of our community."

Senator Thorpe, formerly of the Greens and now an independent, was caught on camera outside a Melbourne strip club, engaging in offensive language and inappropriate behaviour. This is not the first time that Senator Thorpe has been involved in controversy, raising concerns about her ability to effectively represent the interests of the Australian people.

“It is crucial for our political representatives to demonstrate integrity, maturity, and accountability in their actions, both in and out of the public eye.

"The Family First Party of Australia calls on all politicians to act as positive role models for the community and to uphold the values of respect, dignity, and decency for the benefit of all Australians,” Mr Shelton said.