Lyle Shelton is leading a Family First-backed independent group ticket for the New South Wales Upper House at the March 25 election.

You need a courageous voice in Parliament that won’t back down. Someone who will protect your family from the threat of radical political correctness.

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To stand for:

  • Families first
  • The truth about gender
  • Teaching the basics in schools – eliminating queer and critical race theory
  • Religious freedom
  • Freedom of speech
  • Life in its most vulnerable forms
  • Preservation and development of baseload power generation so electricity is affordable
  • Housing affordability & tackling inflation
  • The end of cancel culture and woke political correctness
  • Tackling debt and ending waste
  • De-funding anti-family events such as Sydney’s World Pride festival

How many votes does Lyle need?

Approximately 125,000.

There are more than enough family-minded voters in NSW to elect Lyle to the Upper House of the New South Wales Parliament. Around 125,000 votes equal approximately half a quota. With preferences from other like-minded parties and independents, this is a winning number.

Who can vote?

Anyone who lives in NSW and is enrolled to vote. Lyle's group will appear on the large Legislative Council ballot paper you receive.

How can I help?

Volunteer. Lyle needs a big army for pre-poll (March 20-24) and election day (March 25). Please sign up here and our team will be in touch. Friendly volunteers attract votes.

Spread the word. Please share my How to Vote card on social media and email it to all your friends. Copy and paste this link << >>

Why is Lyle running as an independent?

NSW electoral law requires a 16-month lead-time for political party registration. Family First has only recently been re-birthed.

Lyle will lead a group ticket of 15 candidates, giving his group a voting square above the line on the NSW Legislative Council ballot paper.

Who is running with Lyle?

Lyle's ticket is comprised of 14 other citizens from throughout NSW who are committed to seeing the family placed at the centre of public policy. They are not seeking the limelight, but have put their names forward to assist in achieving a voting square above the line on the ballot paper.

Who is Lyle preferencing?

Lyle's group is advocating a second preference to Mark Latham's One Nation group. Mark has been outspoken in support for religious freedom and parent's rights. For more information, click here.

Lyle’s background

Lyle is a former managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby where he played a leading role in the campaign to preserve the definition of marriage. He began his career as a rural journalist and worked for The Land newspaper for several years. He has served as an elected councillor in local government, worked in youth ministry and as an organiser for values-based political parties. He is currently the National Director of the Family First party. Lyle is married to Wendy and they have four adult children and one grandchild.


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