Child gender clinics should be closed and the taxpayer-funded rainbow flags for Sydney World Pride should be taken down amid yet more evidence of the harm to children by LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.

Family First-backed New South Wales Upper House candidate Lyle Shelton said research reported in today’s Weekend Australian newspaper was not new information but it was significant that it was reported in mainstream media.

“Premier Dominic Perrottet must act. He should sack Health Minister Brad Hazard who has run obstruction to scrutiny of NSW child gender clinics and he must reverse his support for Alex Greenwich’s ‘conversion therapy’ bill which makes it a crime to try and talk a child out of going to a gender clinic,” Mr Shelton said.

The research by senior physicians at the NSW Children’s Hospital Westmead’s child gender clinic casts further doubt on the scientific basis for affirming and medically treating children who wish to change gender.

The study found 88 percent of children presenting had at least one co-morbid mental health condition with “44 out of 50 patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria reporting ongoing mental health concerns four to nine years after presentation”.

“Clearly children who present with gender confusion have other issues going on in their lives which require deep compassion and professional care, not experimentation on their bodies, with irreversible medical treatments,” Mr Shelton said.

Despite LGBTIQA+ political activists continually asserting the effects of puberty blockers and cross sex hormones are harmless, the CHW study found the opposite.

The Weekend Australian reported that:

“Endocrine reviews of the CHW patient cohort documented side-effects in 23 of the 49 young people prescribed puberty blockers, including low bone density, hot flushes, weight gain and anxiety. The CHW doctors raised concerns about the long-term effects on patients’ sexual function in adulthood.”

The Australian also reported that “the effects of cross-sex hormones, including infertility, are irreversible,” something well known but suppressed by mainstream media.

“None of this information is new to those who have been following this debate over the past seven years. What is new is that mainstream media are slowly lifting their self-censorship, having been cowed by fear of being labelled bigots and harming ‘trans kids’ by LGBTIQA+ political activists.

“Sydney World Pride is not a bit of harmless fun. It has more than $6.2 million of public money to spread a political ideology that is harming children in the nation’s child gender clinics. The evidence is incontrovertible. The taxpayer-funded rainbow and trans flags in public spaces like airports, railway stations, trains and busses must be taken down,” Mr Shelton said.

The CHW research follows last year’s closure of the UK’s child gender clinic, the Tavistock, after a damning review by paediatrician Dr Hillary Cass found it’s “affirmation” and treatment of children with puberty blockers and cross sex hormones was harming them. “Australian politicians continue to ignore the evidence. They are contributing to the harm of children. It is reckless for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to march in the Mardi Gras which promotes teaching children their gender is fluid,” Mr Shelton said.