Dominic Perrottet must rule out jailing parents and criminalising prayer after he announced he would support radical independent Alex Greenwich’s so-called conversion therapy ban.

Family First backed independent Upper House candidate Lyle Shelton said no one supported the coercion of people because of their sexual attractions or gender identities but there was no evidence of it happening.

“What the Greenwich bill will do, given that he says it is modelled on the Victorian legislation, is jail mums and dads who try and talk their children out of going to a child gender clinic.

“It could criminalise prayer even when it is requested, like Victoria does.

“The NSW Premier has already been a massive disappointment to mainstream and values-based voters.

“He needs to tell voters whether he supports the real agenda of so-called ‘conversion therapy’ which is the persecution of anyone who does not believe a child’s gender is fluid.”

Mr Shelton said with Labor’s Chris Minns also supporting Greenwich, it was vital a sensible cross bench was elected to the Upper House that could protect children and mainstream families.