Family First-backed independent candidate Lyle Shelton has announced that his Upper House group will allocate its second preference to Mark Latham’s NSW One Nation.

“I want to make sure there is minimal fragmentation of the minor party vote as possible.

“Mark aligns with Family First on religious freedom, protecting girls and women from males appropriating their gender, getting woke ideology out of schools and using coal and gas to avoid blackouts,” Mr Shelton said.

“Family First is seeking to fill a void for faith and values voters who I know are disappointed after the sad collapse of the Christian Democratic Party.

“This is why Family First is re-building in New South Wales and ensuring Judeo Christian, family and pro-life values are on the ballot paper.

“We owe it to the people who have supported this cause for more than 40 years.

“While we have some important differences on human rights for unborn babies, euthanasia and poker machines, One Nation in NSW has proven a friend of faith and family-minded people.

“People can confidently vote 1 for my Family First-backed Lyle Shelton group knowing that if I am unsuccessful, their vote will not be wasted.”

Mr Shelton is running as a Family First-backed independent because electoral rules did not allow enough time for the re-birthed Family First Party to be registered.

He will have a group voting square above the line on the Upper House ballot paper but won’t qualify for the party’s name to be there.

Voters will see Lyle Shelton at the head of his group of approximately 15 running mates.