News that Liberal Leader Peter Dutton launched NSW Treasurer Matt Kean’s election campaign is further evidence the party is beyond repair.

Family First-backed independent upper house candidate Lyle Shelton said many Liberals hoped Dutton would steer the party back to the centre.

“Matt Kean is seen by the Liberal base as someone who really should be in the Greens political party, so extreme are his social and climate policies,” Mr Shelton said.

“Dutton’s endorsement of Matt Kean’s policies of closing coal and gas and hiking electricity prices shows the Liberals don’t care about the cost-of-living suffering experienced by working families.

“Kean is also a defender of the radical LGBTIQA+ sexual and gender-fluid indoctrination of children and recently marched in anti-family values World Pride events.

“The question at this election is who will protect your family from the threat of radical political correctness.

“Clearly the answer to that question is not the Liberal party,” Mr Shelton said.

Dutton's backing of Kean comes after former Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to support Katherine Deves and Senator Clair Chandler's push to save women's sports and today's move by Victorian Liberal Leader John Pesutto to expel Upper House MP Moira Deeming.