Victorian Liberal Leader John Pesutto’s decision to move for the expulsion of Upper House MP Moira Deeming is further evidence of the party’s on-going hostility to Australians with mainstream views.

Deeming’s apparent crime was to attend and speak at the Let Women Speak event on the steps of Parliament House on Saturday.

The event featured UK women and girls’ rights advocate Kelly-Jay Keen and prominent Australian advocates Katherine Deves and Sall Grover.

During the course of the event, Victoria Police seemingly allowed a group of black clad neo Nazi men, some wearing masks, through their cordon and onto the steps gate-crashing the Let Women Speak event.

The neo Nazis performed a Hitler salute which was immediately condemned by the women, including Deeming who took to twitter to do so.

Despite this, the media, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Pesutto have falsely claimed the Nazis were part of the Let Women Speak event.

The Australian Jewish Association issued a statement condemning the media and politician for smearing the women.

“Anyone with half a brain can see what was happening and to link the women to the Nazis is farcical and wilfully pernicious,” Family First National Director Lyle Shelton said.

“John Pesutto should know better and the real question is why were he and his colleagues on the steps of Parliament House supporting the Let Women Speak event on Saturday?

“Mainstream families are worried about radical LGBTIQA+ ideology which is demanding biological males be allowed to compete in girls and women’s sports and be present in private spaces such as toilets and showers.

“That is not ‘transphobic’, it is common sense.

“That the Liberal Party is not standing up for women and girls and then seeks to expel someone who is shows that the party has drifted a long way from the party of Menzies, Howard and Bolte.

“If the Liberal party is to have a future, it needs to support courageous women like Deeming, Deves and Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler who are fighting for the rights of women and girls.”

“Every Liberal leader in the nation should be condemning Pesutto’s attempt to expel Deeming but sadly they seem captured and cowered by rainbow political ideology.”

Mr Shelton said Deeming was welcome at Family First if the Liberals kick her out.