NSW independent Upper House candidate Lyle Shelton will fight for biological truth to remain on birth certificates.

His pledge comes as LGBTIQA+ political activists push for NSW to follow Queensland, the latest state to capitulate to woke rainbow ideology.

Mr Shelton, the National Director of the Family First party, is leading an independent group ticket for the Legislative Council at the March 25 election. (NSW electoral law requiring a 16-month lead-time meant Family First was unable to be registered in time.)

“Allowing men and boys to self-identify as women or girls puts women and girls at risk and it destroys their sporting opportunities.

“It brings confusion to the way males and females interact in society."

The Queensland legislation allows children to transition even when parents disagree.

“Pushing this idea in the culture puts young people at risk of harmful and irreversible medical interventions many will later come to regret,” Mr Shelton said.

Since LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology has been aggressively promoted in schools and social media, the number of children presenting at  child gender clinics has skyrocketed from just 211 in 2014 to 2067 in 2021.

At least five girls under the age of 18 wanting to present as boys were granted double mastectomies prior to 2017.

Child gender clinic doctor Michelle Telfer told a Victorian Royal Commission in 2019 she wants taxpayer funding so more double mastectomies can be performed on girls under 18 (see paragraph 51 on page 10).

“Just this week we have seen the nonsense of a biological male purchasing the Miss Universe contest, vowing that biological men will forever be allowed to also demonstrate the ‘power of feminism’.

“Allowing self-identification on birth certificates is a bad deal for women and girls.

“Allowing woke parents to leave their baby’s gender blank on his or her birth certificate is a recipe for confusion in that child’s life.”

Mr Shelton said gender dysphoria is a real condition that affects a small but growing number of mainly young girls, a disproportionate number of whom are on the autism spectrum.

“Compassion for people suffering a sense that their biology does not line up with who they are does not mean society should be forced to overhaul the concept of gender.”

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