Sydney World Pride’s “dick wing” artwork and animal sexual fetish mural targeting children have no place in civil society, Family First-backed NSW upper house candidate Lyle Shelton said today.

“Sydney World Pride is no friend of families,” Mr Shelton said.

“The festival’s obscene public murals have rightly drawn the ire of mums and dads who don’t want their children exposed to the creepy fetishes being celebrated under the banner of the rainbow flag.”

Mr Shelton renewed Family First’s calls for Premier Dominic Perrottet to withdraw public funding and support from Sydney World Pride.

Concern has been raised by World Pride’s use of a children’s teddy bear face on a giant mural featuring a creepy overweight male body in bondage ‘kink’.

Civic-minded vandals painted “leave the kids alone” across the mural outside Wynyard Station in Sydney’s CBD.

“Good on the vandals,” Mr Shelton said.

“World Pride celebrates drag queens posing with ‘dick wings’ and then expects mums and dads to be okay with them reading to their toddlers in public libraries.” Mr Shelton said if elected, he would ensure public art was suitable for children.