The only mistake Moira Deeming has made was this concession in her letter to colleagues:

“I admit with the benefit of hindsight of what has occurred that my participation may have been an error of judgement that resulted in unnecessary scrutiny.”

Her behaviour otherwise has been impeccable. She has been a class act under the most unjust attacks from her own Liberal Party.

Why she felt she had to make such a concession is a mystery. She made no error of judgement.

The only error of judgement has been that of Liberal Leader John Pesutto who wanted her expelled and her un-thinking colleagues who voted to have her suspended for nine months.

For what? No one can explain and we were left none the wiser after Pesutto’s word salad of  a press conference on Monday.

The recently elected Victorian Upper House MP has been under attack from the Liberal Party for attending a Let Women Speak event on the steps of Parliament House just over a week ago.

The event, headlined by UK women’s rights advocate Possie Parker, was gatecrashed by neo Nazis performing a Hitler salute.

Mysteriously, Victoria Police allowed them through a police cordon so they were able to disrupt the event.

The women who organised the event, including Deeming, were then accused of being Nazi sympathisers.

Nothing could be further from the truth but the truth did not suit the media narrative nor that of politicians like Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and the haplessly woke Pesutto.

Pesutto gambled his leadership on declaring he would expel Deeming.

The only problem was that there was no evidence to support expulsion because Blind Freddie could see Possie Parker, Deeming and the other women speaking were not neo Nazis.

The brief Deeming emailed to colleagues at 6:30 yesterday morning ahead of the 10am party room showdown where Pesutto thought he would be expelling Deeming, comprehensively demolished any suggestion the women were Nazi sympathisers.

The “Nazi Nazi Nazi” hoax diverted attention from the violence radical LGBTIQA+ activists perpetrated upon women attending the Let Women Speak event.

The hoax drowned out the seriousness of the message of protecting girls and women from biological males making their sport unfair and their private spaces unsafe.

Deeming made no error of judgement and one has to wonder whether this concession is a case of Stockholm Syndrome because the Liberal Party’s treatment of her has been shabby.

Peta Credlin read experts of her speech to yesterday’s party room.

It was powerful and raw, detailing her own rape as a key motivator for wanting to protect girls and women from this mad transgender moment.

While her colleagues seriously embarrassed Pesutto, and probably terminally wounded his leadership by refusing his expulsion motion, they cowardly sought to save face for him by suspending Deeming from the party room for nine months.

It is not clear what she has been suspended for.

The reality is that the only people who should be expelled from the Liberal Party are those who don’t have the courage to stand up publicly against radical LGBTIQA+ political extremism.

Sadly, that is almost every member of the Parliamentary Liberal Party in all States.