To appease homosexual men and transgender people raising children, a school in New South Wales has cancelled the term “Mothers’ Day”.

“Inclusivity concerns” are reported to be the reason behind Hunter Valley Grammar School changing the name of its Mothers’ Day Stall event to Family Gift Stall.

Mothers were understandably outraged, as is the Family First Party.

“By changing the name it feels like you are sending the message to students that mums are no more important than anyone else in their lives they think are special,” one mother told The Daily Telegraph.

“It is the one day a year where mums are celebrated and recognised.”

Motherhood, like fatherhood, is precious and appropriately celebrated each year on different days.

LGBTIQA+ political ideology denies the importance of mothering and fathering in the life of children and is now actively undermining both.

Family First is raising a political movement to put courageous men and women into parliament who will fight this sort of woke nonsense and stand up for the self-evident good of the married, heterosexual, monogamous family.

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