Where does it end?

Now one of the world’s most prestigious dictionaries, the Cambridge Dictionary, has capitulated to woke ideology and redefined what it means to be a man or a woman.

Genitalia and chromosomes are out, identity politics is in.

A woman or a man is anyone who “identifies as male/female" regardless of their sex at birth, the dictionary now says.

Gender fluidity is baked in and to say it is binary is bigoted.

Safety for women and girls in sport and private spaces is secondary to the right of a biological male to “identify” as female.

All this just five years after countries like Australia redefined marriage in law at the behest of LGBTIQA+ political activists who said there would be “no consequences”.

Family First notes with great concern the epidemic of children now presenting at child gender clinics.

Figures revealed recently show a tenfold increase from just 211 children presenting to state-run gender clinics in 2014 to 2067 in 2021.

So far 11,535 people have signed Family First’s “Close the Gender Clinics” petition to the federal health minister following evidence they are harming children with irreversible chemical and surgical treatments.