When counting paused last night, it was clear your Family First-backed campaign had performed credibly but has fallen short of achieving a seat in the New South Wales Legislative Council.

While it’s always disappointing to miss out on Parliamentary representation, this campaign - like South Australia and Victoria last year - has been another important step forward in the re-build of Family First.

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As you know, we were unable to register the party in time due to strict NSW Electoral Commission rules which required a 16-month lead-time.
This meant we could not have our party name on the ballot paper which meant the only option was for me to run as lead-candidate of a Family First backed team of independents.

Nonetheless, through this campaign Family First is back in the political fight for families, faith and life.

The challenge now for you and me is to persist. With your support, that is exactly what Family First intends to do.

Completing our New South Wales and federal registration is next along with preparations for the Queensland, ACT and Northern Territory elections next year.

There is much to do and you and I can’t afford to take our foot off the accelerator.

Family First congratulates premier-elect Chris Minns and his Labor team.

Yet again, the Liberals have failed for the fourth time in 12 months (SA, Vic, federally and now NSW) with social (transgender) and economic policies (net zero) that mimic Labor, the Greens and Teals.

During the campaign an experienced political operative whom I respect greatly phoned me, having seen our presence.

When I mentioned that getting elected would be tough, he said there is such a void in politics for the good things Family First stands for that we should “persist, persist, persist!”

His words jolted and have stuck with me.

Finally, thanks. Thanks to every volunteer who stood on a polling booth this past week. I’m humbled by your commitment and sacrifice – handing out how to vote cards is hard work. Thanks to everyone who donated and prayed. Thanks to the 14 candidates who stood with me on the ticket, putting their names out publicly in what these days is an act of courage.

Your support, small or big, is fuelling hope for a better political future.

Let’s keep going.