In 2018, an observation was made about a bond shared by two male penguins at the Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney. 

Someone then had the idea to offer this pair a fake egg to see if they would incubate it as if it was their own offspring.

Fast forward 5 years and this contrived ‘gay’ penguin couple, have now raised 2 chicks from eggs fertilized elsewhere and put into their care, according to news last week.

Fake "gay" penguins Sphen and Magic are being used to indoctrinate children. Picture: Facebook / Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

As expected, no mention was made of how these two male penguins had been manipulated from the very start.

You see, penguins, particularly gentoos, as these two are, are astounding creatures who in 90 per cent of cases, will bond for life with their breeding mate.

So, when these two were given eggs to incubate together, this would have encouraged them to stay together for future breeding cycles and effectively stopped them from seeking out female partners.

As sad as this is for these two, the real horror is how their concocted story of being a ‘loved up’ gay penguin couple is now being used to promote same sex relationships to little children.

Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium has collaborated with the New South Wales Teachers Federation to use this story to teach children from kindergarten to year 2 about sexuality and consent by including it into a new NSW syllabus.

According to a Facebook post by the federation, this story has been developed into a number of exercises based on the five year strong same sex relationship of the penguin couple.

In fact, there is a whole unit of material for teachers to access.

So essentially what should be a story about the damage caused by human interference in the animal kingdom is instead being served up to our youngest, most impressionable children as education on thriving gay relationships and diverse parenting arrangements.

As an adult it is easy to simply read a story like this, shake our heads and then dismiss it as utter rubbish but what choice do children have when it is taught to them as part of the syllabus in infants’ school?

Family First stands completely opposed to all forms of propaganda being taught in schools and especially so when it comes to discussions on sexuality and diverse relationships.

Scrubbing such nonsense education from school curriculums will be a priority for future Family First elected members.

In the meantime, parents of NSW be warned.

The next school excursion going to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, is surely one to miss.