Who would have thought the Liberal Party would become the main bearer of cancel culture’s toxic torch?

It is the ultimate triumph of cultural Marxism, to have the conservative side of politics doing its bidding.

Moira Deeming, the expelled Victorian Liberal parliamentarian, is fighting for her place not just in the party, but in polite society – so determined are the Liberals to disappear her.

Her fight is civil society’s fight. If she loses, lies win.

Today there’s no greater sin than to be deemed a Nazi associate, although ironically this doesn’t seem to bother those leveraging Hamas’ Nazi-like Jew murdering to hate on Israel.

The real Nazi sympathisers are not even hiding but Deeming is the only target.

For those who have forgotten what all the fuss is about, Deeming spoke at a “Let Women Speak” rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House back in March.

Women from the left and right of politics gathered to protest the encroachment of biological males identifying as women in their spaces.

The protest was gate crashed by a group of neo-Nazi men who performed a Hitler salute.

They had nothing to do with the event but that didn’t stop then Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews from mischievously conflating their unwanted presence to tar the whole event as one where “anti-transgender” activists “gathered to spread hate”.

“I wish it didn’t have to be said, but clearly it does: Nazis aren’t welcome. Not on parliament’s steps. Not anywhere,” Andrews wrote on Twitter.

“They were there to say the trans community don’t deserve rights, safety or dignity … their evil ideology is to scapegoat minorities – and it’s got no place here.”

It’s very convenient for proponents of radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology and its harmful consequences for girls, women and children to conflate concern with their agenda to Nazism.

It’s the ultimate cancel culture weapon. No need to engage a brain in debate.

When asked by the left-wing Guardian newspaper about Deeming’s involvement at the rally, deputy Liberal leader David Southwick ran for the hills.

“Her views are not my views. We’ll have discussions with Moira.”

What views of Moira’s were not Southwick’s? He of course doesn’t say, as he was quite happy to let the slur stand instead of upholding the view of grass roots Liberals that girls and women deserve protection from the consequences of LGBTIQA+ political ideology.

Enter Daniel Andrews’ mini-me, Liberal Leader John Pesutto.

In a bid to out virtue signal Andrews, he issues a now discredited dossier based on dodgy Wikipedia entries which purported to show Deeming had been cavorting with Nazi associates.

The parliamentary Liberal party backed Pesutto in expelling Deeming, to the distress of many grass roots Liberals who have been powerless to have her reinstated.

Deeming, whose family has been put through hell because of Pesutto’s Nazi slur and her colleagues’ expulsion of her, has requested an apology and reinstatement.

This has been denied and after another failed mediation on Sunday, Deeming is making good on her promise to sue for defamation.

How else is she to clear her name in the face of such lies and intransigence?

If there was any courage in the Liberal party room or the party organisation, Pesutto would be forced to apologise and bring Deeming back into the tent.

The truth is those who hold power in the party hate conservatives – particularly strong conservative women who will speak in public about human rights for the unborn, the importance of marriage and family and why LGBTIQA+ ideology is harmful.

Conservatives can exist in the Liberal party but only if they are silent, something Deeming, who brings grace and intelligence to the culture wars, is not.

The demonisation of Deeming continued this week with Pesutto’s camp briefing journalists that she was after $1million.

She immediately refuted that as a lie.

Pesutto said in a statement:

“Mrs Deeming’s suspension and subsequent expulsion were never about her views on women’s issues, I have never called Mrs Deeming a neo-Nazi or sympathiser, the issues in this matter have never concerned freedom of speech,” he said.

This of course overlooks Pesutto’s discredited dossier which falsely smeared the “Let Women Speak” rally organisers as Nazi associates and Deeming as being an alleged associate of Nazi associates.

One of the organisers, Kellie-Jay Keen, is also suing Pesutto for defamation.

“The issue has always been whether Mrs Deeming called out or distanced herself from neo-Nazi protesters and references when asked to do so by senior Liberals,” Pesutto said.

This is nonsensical because everyone knows she distanced herself from the neo-Nazis. Not that she needed to – the idea they were part of the rally was always farcical.

But rightly, Deeming did not throw Keen and the other women under Pesutto’s fake Nazi bus.

Pesutto is grasping for fig leaves. He only needs a small leaf, but so flimsy is his case he stands ridiculously naked.

Why he and the Liberal party are fighting so hard to cancel, indeed destroy, Deeming is beyond belief. It is unhinged.

If the party which is supposed to be the torch bearer of the freedoms championed by its founder Sir Robert Menzies kills off Deeming, no one is safe.

From a golf course somewhere, Daniel Andrews must be smiling. From a Marxist study unit at Melbourne University academics give a wry grin.

The lies of elites win, truth and free speech loses, a conservative woman is ruthlessly cancelled.

That’s what the Liberals are hoping. But it’s hard to see Pesutto winning in court.

It’s a shame he and his colleagues have chosen the side of cancel culture – the side of Menzies’ ideological enemies.

Like theirs’, its days are also numbered.