When politicians in most Australian states removed abortion from the criminal code and included it under “healthcare” legislation, few realised the far-reaching consequences.

Now a teenager serving at the counter of a chemist shop could be handing a woman a chemical cocktail designed to kill her unborn baby.

A nurse practitioner at a GP clinic will now also have no choice but to participate in the killing.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration’s announcement last week that it was dramatically increasing access to abortion pills, is just one effect of this ‘healthcare’ change.

From August 1, abortion…’medication’, in the form of pills, may be prescribed by all GPs as well as nurse practitioners and will also be stocked at pharmacies.

According to media reports, before this change, just 10 per cent of GPs were registered to prescribe this medication and 30pc of pharmacies were stocking it.

While the biggest losers of this change will be unborn babies. Another consequence will be the large number of people co-opted into facilitating abortions whether or not they want to.

Every pharmacy that starts stocking it, will be expecting every employee to start handling these drugs in some capacity regardless of whether or not they have a conscientious objection.                                                                      

But we heard nothing of this trampling of human rights in any of the news about this.

Instead, there was universal agreement in reporting that this change would be very welcome by GPs, nurses and pharmacies everywhere.

There did not appear to be even a single news report of any dissent.

But if that is true and this was wanted by GPs and pharmacies so universally, why weren’t they already registered to prescribe or stock these pills?

It isn’t as if the requirements to do so are overly onerous.

What pressure will this bring to GP’s, nurse practitioners and pharmacies who do not want to take this up, one might wonder?

There is a difference between allowing all GPs to prescribe abortion pills and then expecting that they all will.

What will happen if only some but not all of the 90pc of GPs not currently prescribing sign up?

Will all pharmacies now be required to hold this stock?

What if the take up rate from GPs and pharmacists is far less than what the abortion enthusiasts want?

What pressure will be applied? Will their registrations be at risk?

What will happen to nurses and pharmacy staff who refuse to hand over the drugs of death?

It may be a while before the answers to these things are revealed and prayerfully there will be less take up on this than what the abortion enthusiasts want.

Family First not only values the sanctity of life but also the conscientious rights of all people. Nobody should be forced to participate in abortion in any capacity if it is against their values and beliefs.