There's an opportunity for mainstream Australians to re-take ground.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has the courage to take on the issues most politicians won’t.

She didn’t wait for Peter Dutton and the Liberal Party to come to a position on the Voice, her moral compass and lived experience already told her it was divisive, racist and wrong.

Similarly, she doesn’t need to wait for the Coalition to work out the definition of woman.

Yesterday she declared war on rainbow gender fluid ideology which is harming children and women.

After the Voice referendum, the transgender cult is in her sights.

Speaking at the Why Can’t Women Talk About Sex forum in Parliament House, she took a veiled swipe at the Coalition’s Senate leadership under Simon Birmingham which voted to protect child gender clinics which are chemically castrating and mutilating children.

“In the Senate, we had an opportunity to vote for an inquiry into gender-affirming treatments for children. It should never have been a conscience vote because this issue speaks to the human rights of our most vulnerable, and that is our children,” she told the forum.

“This debate, this argument, the way it’s being played out, the way in which women are now under attack for standing up for the vulnerable, for standing up for children, is so many steps backward to where we’ve come to fight for our rights as women.”

The forum, hosted by Liberal Senator Alex Antic, who is marginalised within the party because of his mainstream views, showcased 10 Australian women who are facing legal action or serious persecution for standing up for girls and women’s rights.

With five weeks to go, no one should be complacent about the Voice referendum.

However, if it goes down it will be a serious blow to the left’s imposition of cultural Marxism’s politics of victimhood on this nation.

Price is showing that there is an opportunity for mainstream Australians to re-take ground lost to harmful ideologies.