Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price became emotional at the No case rally against the race-based constitutional Voice last night in Adelaide.

Referring to indigenous women from central Australia who attended her National Press Club speech in Canberra last week, she said:

WATCH: Jacinta Nampijinpa Price becomes emotional

“I was a vessel for the women sitting in that room, the cousin of a young girl murdered, hanging from a tree.

“They are the voices the media ignores, they are the voices Labor ignore, they are the voices the Greens ignore, they are the voters the Teals ignore.

“And they are the voices this bloody Voice to Parliament will ignore.”

As the public entered the venue, a group of Yes campaigners hurled foul abuse, accusing No voters of being “racist pigs” and “racist dogs”.

Price told the gathering:

“We are sick to death being told how racist we are, how horrible we are. Our own children are being taught not to be proud to call themselves Australians in this country.”

She argued that the Voice would would “constitutionally enshrine” a victimhood mentality and decried the US Black Lives Matter movement.

“It doesn’t belong here,” she said.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton condemned the protestors.

Speaking today in Adelaide, Price said:

“This is the level of racism and division that the Prime Minister has to take responsibility for in this country right now. Where people like myself, people like my incredible colleagues here, are singled out because apparently as Indigenous people we’re supposed to agree with a proposal that is empty.

“We’re supposed to agree with leftist ideology as opposed to thinking for ourselves and certainly to inform the Australian people as to the danger to voting yes. We must vote no for unifying this nation, for maintaining equality in our country. We’re having conversations with Aboriginal people from grassroots communities who are dead set against this, they see the dangers in this, and we’re here to represent those voices.”