Dan Andrews wants you and your views about marriage and life cancelled.

He thinks you are a bigot.

In an extraordinary attack on the pro-life and pro-marriage views of millions of Australians of all faiths and none, the Victorian Premier said these views were “bigotry”.

He was commenting on the appointment of Andrew Thorburn as the Chief Executive Officer of the Essendon Australian Football Club.

Thorburn’s “crime” is that, like millions of Australians, he attends a church that is pro-life and believes that marriage is for heterosexuals.

His church’s views are identical to those of millions of mosque-going Muslims and church-going Christians.

Yet Andrews thinks these Australians are all “bigots”.

“Those views are absolutely appalling. I don’t support those views; that kind of intolerance, that kind of hatred, bigotry is just wrong,” Andrews said.

“All of you know my views on these things. Those sort of attitudes are simply wrong, and to dress that up as anything other than bigotry is just obviously false.”

Andrews and the intolerant left are hell bent on punishing those who do not comply with their social views.

Port Phillips deputy mayor Tim Baxter, a prominent Essendon member, quit the club over the Thorburn’s appointment and urged a wider boycott.

Baxter said Thorburn should not be in a leadership position.

Thorburn is chair of the church, City on a Hill.

The persecution of socially conservative beliefs has escalated since the same-sex marriage debate in 2017 and the change in law, despite promises that there would be tolerance of traditional views.

It appears Thorburn is being discriminated against for his church’s religious beliefs.

Federal Labor under Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says it will legislate to protect religious freedom but it is hard to see this happening when senior Labor leaders like Andrews simply dismisses social values based on religion as “bigotry”.

Family First will be standing candidates at the Victorian election who will fight for human rights of the unborn and for freedom of speech and religion.

ACTION: Fight back against Dan Andrews’ intolerance, join Family First today.