Family First is preparing to campaign for the rights of girls and women in the lead-up to next year’s State election as laws recognising “women” with penises is set to pass the Parliament.

For Family First, this is a line in the sand. It is about safety and fairness for girls and women.

No parent wants a male using Labor’s gender self-identification laws to gain entry into their daughter’s change rooms or to compete against them in sport.

The LNP’s weakness on the issue has firmed Family First’s resolve.

We acknowledge it is difficult for minor parties to win seats in Queensland’s uni-cameral Parliament.

But with the LNP silent on the concerns of mainstream families, Family First has no choice but to fight to put their values on the ballot paper.

These new Palaszczuk laws allow the falsification of birth certificates. No gender reassignment surgery is required.

Labor’s Attorney General Shannon Fentimen, the architect of the law change, says lack of taxpayer-funding through Medicare for sex change operations is a problem, and this is part of the reason she’s happy for no surgery to be required.

Alarmingly her laws allow children to change their gender without parental consent.

The Australian Christian Lobby described the bill as “ill conceived” and “one which provides opportunity for sexual predators to legally change their sex by simply filling in a form to legally falsify their sex and gain access to female-only spaces”.

The ACL is not wrong.

Sadly, the LNP is sitting back and waving the gender self-identification laws through the Parliament.

It couldn’t even bring itself to write a dissenting report to the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee’s recent inquiry which recommended passing the laws.

Instead, the LNP issued an insipid “statement of reservations” which did not oppose the bill.

The LNP’s Shadow Attorney General Tim Nicholls has been missing in action, even as Fentiman publicly proclaims biological males with penises can enjoy all the benefits of being a girl or a woman in the state of Queensland.

Queenslanders need a political party that will fight for the truth.

Labor and the misnamed Queensland Human Rights Commission dismissed the concerns of women’s groups worried about the safety of girls and women, claiming there’s no evidence from other jurisdictions of problems.

The trouble with that argument is that this is a new phenomenon, and it is an experiment.

Last month a NSW judge described a sexual offence as the exposure of “her penis”, when a man identifying as a woman exposed himself to a minor in a toilet in Bankstown.

While in this case the offence was against a boy, what’s to say that next time a man identifying as a woman under Fentiman’s law doesn’t commit an act like this in a girl’s toilet?

Safety concerns aside, Fentiman’s self-ID laws are a recipe for confusion.

Earlier this month a protestor placed a sticker containing the definition of woman as “adult human female” on a poster of Fentiman at her electoral office.

She took Umbridge and doubled-down with doublespeak.

“I’m proud that we’re modernising anti-discrimination laws to further protect our LGBTQIA+ community, (and) I’m proud to be Queensland’s Minister for Women, fighting for the rights of all Queensland women,” Fentiman said.

Even if “all Queensland women” include those with penises.