Can you imagine your child's teacher being forced to keep secrets from you and indoctrinating them with radical gender fluid ideologies?

That's exactly what's happening in Queensland schools.

In an astonishing revelation, teachers in Queensland are being forced to call their students by two different names if they change their gender or pronouns, as per a leaked email.

The email indicates that under the Human Rights Act, teachers must use a child's preferred pronouns and names in the classroom, while their birth name must be used in official communication with parents.

This policy has raised concerns as it implies that teachers are expected to keep secrets from parents, a troubling development that goes against the very essence of traditional family values.

Furthermore, this policy exposes children to radical gender fluid ideologies without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

Parents and school staff across the state are understandably worried about this issue.

One anonymous teacher told the Courier Mail, "Staff are now expected to talk to the parents and not mention it, and they must use the name on the child's birth certificate, but otherwise they should use the child's preferred name and pronoun in the classroom."

The teacher further questioned the ease with which students can change their name or pronoun compared to changing a subject in their senior year.

This latest assault on parents’ rights (the same policy already exists in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria) reaffirms the need for a political party like Family First in Australia.

We are committed to campaigning for mainstream family values and fighting for faith, family, life and freedom.

This latest policy is a clear indication that Australian families need a strong voice to advocate for their values and to ensure that such policies do not compromise the rights of parents or expose children to inappropriate indoctrination.

That's why Family First will be running candidates in next year's Queensland election.

Our primary goal is to speak out against policies like this, which undermine the family unit, parents' rights, and subject children to radical ideologies without their parents' knowledge or consent.

We believe that open communication between parents, teachers, and students is essential to fostering a healthy, supportive, and value-based educational environment.

Join us in our mission to protect the mainstream family values that have made Australia strong.

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Together, we can work towards a future where faith, family, life and freedom are respected and cherished, and where children are not indoctrinated with radical ideologies behind their parents' backs.

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