With Australian religious schools poised for a showdown with woke Labor and Liberal politicians early in the New Year over the imposition of radical LGBTIQA+ ideology, the UK government is moving to protect all schools from its harm.

It’s hard to understand why Australian politicians are not paying attention to what is happening overseas.

Religious freedom is shaping as a big flashpoint early in 2024 as the Albanese Government moves to introduce what will almost certainly be an inadequate religious discrimination bill and implement revised recommendations affecting schools put forward by the Australian Law Reform Commission.

But Family First does not hold hope that freedom of speech and religion will emerge winners.

In the past few years, key Liberals like new Senator Dave Sharma and Liberals Senate Leader Simon Birmingham have teamed up with Labor and the Greens to torpedo freedom reforms and protections for children from radical LGBTIQA+ gender ideology.

Yet there has been an outbreak of common-sense in the UK where new transgender guidelines allow schools to protect girls from the intrusion of biological males appropriating their gender and entering their private facilities and dominating their sports.

Sadly Birmingham has consistently white-anted and opposed initiatives to shine a light on the harm gender conversion practices are having on children.

When Sharma was last in the Parliament he crossed the floor to shoot down the Morrison government’s feeble attempt at protecting people of faith from discrimination.

Australian religious schools are seeking to retain the freedom to employ staff who share the parent community’s ethos on important issues like the definition of marriage and the reality of gender.

This is viciously opposed by LGBTIQA+ political activists who heavily influenced an ALRC report which was handed down earlier in the year recommending stripping religious schools of this freedom.

The ALRC is due to report again early in the New Year.

According to Transgender Trend, a lobby group that advocates for biological reality, the new UK guidelines advise:

“That schools should not socially transition children and that teachers and children cannot be compelled to use the opposite-sex pronouns for a classmate. It protects the right of parents to be fully involved in any decisions made in relation to their child’s welfare while in school. Importantly it gives teachers reasons to be cautious in their approach, based on the factors that may be influencing a child to adopt a transgender identity.”

In states like Victoria education department guidelines recommend that teachers hide from parents their child’s decision to socially transition at school.

Action: Join the political party that puts your religious freedom on the ballot paper.