The religious persecution of Rugby superstar Israel Folau because of his Biblical and Koranic views on human sexuality is relentless.

The former Wallaby is due to play in a World XV team versus the Barbarians at Twickenham in London on Sunday.

But because he was sacked four years ago for quoting the Bible on social media, organisers of the match will fly the “pride” rainbow flag, seemingly to remind Folau what a supposed bigot he is.

“There wouldn’t be one there if Israel wasn’t playing,” World XV coach Steve Hansen said.

“Whenever we can bring attention to people who are suffering in a positive way, that’s good. They deserve to be loved and cared for as much as anybody else. If we all did that it’d be a happy place, wouldn’t it.”

The problem is Folau, and certainly any faithful Christian, would agree that people who are suffering, regardless of their sexual identity, deserve love and care.

Such is the pernicious nature of the rainbow political lobby which seeks to defame those who have a different view of human flourishing.

Hansen went on:

“Israel Folau is a very good rugby player. He’s world class. And I know by picking him that there will be some people hurt. And I get that. However, I want those people to understand that Israel’s belief and views are not ours. And we don’t agree with them.

“But he’s a rugby player first and foremost and he’s been sanctioned. Those sanctions have finished, he’s playing rugby, he’s probably going to go to the World Cup so my job is to pick the best team I can pick and that’s what I’ve done.”

But this hoo ha is about much more than Folau.

It’s about warning Christians, Muslims, orthodox Jews or mainstream people who believe homosexual acts are morally wrong that they are bigots and should not dare express their view in public.

It’s essentially a warning to all religious people that they are not to take their holy books seriously.

It didn’t matter that Folau’s now infamous social media post about who goes to hell included adulterers, liars and drunkards – categories that would include every human, which is precisely the whole point of the Christian Gospel.

But only one group took offence at Folau’s quoting of scripture.

Family First believes people who practice religions with a moral code should be free to express their views, even if they offend some people.

Plenty of people offend religious people in their public comments and that is how it should be in a free society.

Offensive speech should be countered with free speech making an argument, not cancelling an opponent.

Family First believes Folau should never have been sacked by Rugby Australia.

To use the “pride” flag as a weapon, especially at a sporting match, is inappropriate.

Many mainstream people are deeply worried about the harmful gender-fluid ideology that flies under that flag.

Not only is it a flag that silences debate about what is happening in Australia’s child gender clinics, it will be used at a sporting event on Sunday to send a chill down the spine of anyone whose religious or non-religious beliefs are out of step with rainbow political activists.