The biggest scandal of the last 4 years is now exposed…and it isn’t President Bidens fitness.

Even before he was elected the Democratic Party and all their media allies such as CNN, MSNBC and the rest, have gaslighted the world about the US President.

Time after time they played down, excused and even censored clips of Biden where he stumbled, misspoke and got confused.

Not only did they provide cover for these things, they strongly rebuked and outlandishly criticized anybody who even brought it up even as they saw these things happening in front of their eyes.

This coverup of the weak US leadership has had severe and deadly consequences.

The world has suffered immensely for it.

While it has been clear to anyone paying attention that this gaslighting has been going on for years, for those not so engaged, why would they question what they were being told by the media?

Biden was a completely fine and fit president and anyone who said otherwise was just a deluded MAGA supporter or worse.

As the election drew ever nearer, they knew Biden’s demise was becoming harder to cover up.

At some point these puppet masters decided they needed to run a different candidate if they had any chance of winning in November 2024.

How could they possibly make that happen now that they have pretended for so long that Biden is fine?

Their deceptions and lies would be exposed if they simply made such a suggestion this late in the game.

The debate provided them the perfect opportunity they needed to change tack.

Instead of hiding him, let everyone see exactly who their president is.

They now feign shock and horror as they start screaming for a new candidate.

As long as it happens early enough, there will be time to make a change. This was the earliest ever debate- 18 weeks out.

Although Biden was no different from anything he has been like for years beforehand, and some might say even performed better during the debate than some previous occasions, in complete unison and at full throttle, one second after the debate ended, CNN got the ball rolling with a full scale, no holds bar attack on Biden.

It didn’t take long for all the media to jump in and declare an election emergency, including here.

Many on the right of politics have breathed a sigh of relief and considered this some form of vindication.

But is it really?

Over the coming days our screens are sure to be filled with ad nauseum discussion about Biden’s feebleness and the desperate need for a new candidate.

How many apologies and discussions do you suppose will happen at CNN and other complicit networks including our own ABC, about their own role in providing cover for so long to a weak and destructive president?

If they achieve their objective and a new candidate is installed, the four + years of damage due to the coverup of Biden leadership will be rewarded rather than exposed for the scandal it has been.

Rewarding a partisan and censorious media will inevitably come back to bite us.