Muslim leaders concerned about “religious profiling” could eradicate this by condemning their fellow Imams who promote violence and hate.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Sheik Wesam Charkawi, fronted a media conference yesterday and called for the sacking of ASIO boss Mike Burgess for warning in February that “Sunni violent extremism poses the greatest religiously motivated violent extremist threat in Australia”.

Despite two radicalised Muslim youth allegedly implicated in religiously motivated stabbings, Sheik Wesam said it was “unacceptable for senior government officials, including law enforcement, to make inflammatory comments that further stigmatise and marginalise the Muslim community”.

Sadly Burgess has been proven right and Opposition Home Affairs Spokesman James Paterson was right to label the Sheik’s call for Burgess to be sacked as “absurd”.

If the Grand Mufti wants to disassociate Muslims from violence and terror, he could start by excommunicating Sheikh Ibrahim Dadoun who worked as Director of Public Relations at the Australian National Imams Council for three years before taking to the streets of Sydney on October 8 to declare how “happy” he was with the rapes, massacres and hostage-taking of Hamas.

Sheik Wesam could teach his people that it is not appropriate to cry “Allahu Akbar” at the rantings of what should be a rogue cleric celebrating rape and murder of Jews.

In case anyone has forgotten, this is what Dadoun said of the Hamas attacks:

‘I’m smiling and I’m happy,’ he said.

‘I’m elated, it’s a day of courage, it’s a day of happiness, it’s a day of pride, it’s a day of victory. This is the day we’ve been waiting for.

‘75 years of occupation and 15 years of blockade, what yesterday happened was the first time our brothers and sisters break through the largest prison on earth.

‘This brings pride to the heart, this brings joy to the heart, my brothers and my sisters … you and I, standing in Australia we support our brothers and sisters in Palestine.’

If Sheik Wesam is worred about Islam’s reputation he could rebuke whoever is in charge of Australia’s most iconic mosque at Lakeba for allowing Abdul Salam Zoud, a member of the Australian National Iman’s Council’s Australian “Fatwa Council”, to preach violence and terror from its pulpit.

Australians would also feel a lot more comfortable about Islam if Sheik Wesam abolished the Australian National Imans Council’s Australian “Fatwa Council”.

None of us should fear ending up like Salman Rushdie.

The Grand Mufti’s attack on Australia’s national security head must be vigorously resisted because there must be plain speaking about what is motivating domestic terrorists.

Questions arise as to what influence the failure of the National Imams Council to condemn Hamas for October 7 has had on the alleged Muslim knife terrorists.

Radicalisation on-line is already too easy but it should not be made easier by the livestream coming from Lakemba Mosque or other Islamic centres.

Religious profiling of the Muslim community could end tomorrow by leaders taking action against the alarming anti-Jew and anti-“infidel” hate preaching that has come to light in supposedly mainstream mosques and Islamic centres since October 7.