“For years now, many of us have been warning that the barbarians are at the gates. We were wrong. They’re inside.”

This is what cultural commentator Konstantin Kisin told the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship forum in London a few weeks ago.

Yesterday we saw further evidence of the barbarians not so much inside the gates but on our streets.

Instead of attending school, hundreds of children rallied outside Melbourne’s Flinders Street station not to protest the cold-blooded Nazi-like murders and rapes of innocent people, but in support of Hamas’ ambitions for a second holocaust of Jews.

“I think (Hamas) are doing a good job,” a hijab-clad 16-year-old told The Australian.

Seriously? Every Imam in Australia should be blushing with shame and desperately seeking to provide this young lady with some gentle counsel about what it means to be human.

But sadly that is wishful thinking. The Australian National Imams Council continues its silence on Hamas’ merciless savagery preferring to rant about Israel’s “war crimes”.

How can it be a “war crime” to repeatedly warn civilians to move from a war zone so it can deal with the mass murders, baby killers and rapists who are pledged to kill every Jew from the river to the sea?

The Imams have not condemned their western Sydney hate preachers for being filled with joy at the atrocities and for calling for the killing of Jews.

No wonder this young lady thinks Hamas is doing a good job. She has been taught to think that by her religion.

After the kids chanted the holocaust slogan “from the river to the sea”, they were led in chants of “Allahu Akbar”.

No one told the kids yesterday that the bombing would stop immediately if the hostages were released and Hamas surrendered.

No one told the kids about how Hamas uses hospitals as terrorist command centres – something even the hopelessly woke BCC conceded this week.

Every Palestinian wishing to be free should be supporting the destruction of Hamas and the repudiation of the Islamist agenda to kill Jews and other “infidels”.

Every Imam in Australia should be denouncing anti-Semitism, upholding Israel’s right to defend itself and condemning the calls for a second holocaust from the river to the sea.

Sadly Australia’s academics, which includes those educating our teachers, have teamed up with radical Islam to side with the enemies of civil society.

Never mind that Islam decrees the same fate for LGBTIQA+ people as it does for Jews.

In his talk at ARC, Kissin quipped: “Say what you want about Hamas supporters, at least they know what a woman is”.

Unfortunately, that would not have been true of all the kids on the streets yesterday who marinate in a woke education system.

It’s certainly not true of the academics backing Palestine.

Have there ever been more “useful idiots”?

Not that the kids or academics would know, but that was the phrase Stalin coined about people in the West who were apologists for Soviet Communism, arguably the most genocidal regime ever.

I would urge everyone to listen to former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson’s latest two podcasts about Hamas and the support for it in the West.

His guests Douglas Murray and Niall Fergusson outline the problem western countries like Australia now face with large Muslim populations who do not share our values.

They, and Family First, are not anti-Muslim people, but it is clear Islamic ideology needs to be discussed and challenged if there is to be social cohesion.

If anyone needs convincing, look at what the kids are saying.