Mutilating children’s bodies and sterilising them is fine according those making up the rules followed by LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics in Australia.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health documents leaked yesterday to the New York Post reveal that the organisation is “controlled by gender ideologues who push aside concerns about whether children and adolescents can consent to medical treatments that WPATH members privately acknowledge often have devastating and permanent side effects”.

Conversations from a WPATH internal messaging board and a video of an “Identity Evolution Workshop” panel show WPATH members discussing permitting “vaginoplasty, a surgery that removes the penis, testicles and scrotum and repositions tissue to create a non-functioning pseudo-vagina” on a 14-year-old boy so he could present as a girl.

Marci Bowers (pictured), a man who identifies as a woman, is WPATH’s president and a California-based pelvic and gynaecologic surgeon.

Bowers says any age limit for gender treatment is “arbitrary” and 2022 WPATH guidelines dropped a chapter on ethics and abolished age limits for starting children on hormones and performing surgery.

In the leaked WPATH internal discussion forum, Bowers described the best time for a child to have irreversible gender reassignment surgery.

“Sometime before the end of high school does make some sense in that they are under the watch of parents in the home they grew up in,” he wrote.

Christine McGinn, another WPATH member who is a man identifying as a woman and a Pennsylvania plastic surgeon, agreed with Bowers.

The New York Post reported that McGinn has performed “about 20 vaginoplasties in patients under 18” and thinks the “ideal time in the US is surgery the summer before the last year of high school. I have heard many other surgeons echo this.”

The leaked documents show that WPATH surgeons make pseudo vaginas for boys by harvesting part of their intestine but admit the surgery can lead to “problematic surgical outcomes” because the tissue is “too immature”.

According to the Post, Bowers has performed 2,000 vaginoplasties with his highest-profile patient 17-year-old Jazz Jennings, the transgender star of reality TV show “I Am Jazz”.

The New York Post reported:

At other stages, (WPATH) members talk frankly about the complications for the transition surgery for girls, a phalloplasty in which a non-functioning pseudo-penis is fashioned from either forearm or thigh tissue.

It requires a full hysterectomy and surgical removal of the vagina. They also discuss other serious consequences, including pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal atrophy, abnormal pap tests and incontinence.

A 16-year-old girl who had been on puberty blockers for several years before she was put on testosterone for a year had developed two liver tumours that an oncologist concluded the hormones had caused. Another member described “a young patient on testosterone for 3 years” who had developed “vaginal/pelvic pain/spotting . . . [and] atrophy with the persistent yellow discharge.”

Several colleagues described patients with similar conditions, some with debilitating bowel problems or bleeding and excruciating pain during sex (“feeling like broken glass”).

Vaginal estrogen creams and moisturizers as well as hyaluronic acid suppositories “can be helpful.”

Bowers is also exposed as affirming that puberty blockers were “reversible”, something not supported by science.

He also downplayed the consequences for transgender children to bear children in the future saying the “fertility question has no research.”

Clearly the loss of a penis or a vagina will make someone infertile, something lost on the LGBTIQA+ political activists running WPATH.

As of today Australia’s leading child gender clinic, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, referenced WPATH guidelines on its website.

Last month the mother of a 15-year-old girl wrote online that it was a “happy day” when the RCH referred her daughter for a double mastectomy so she could present as a boy.


The Victorian Health Minister, Mary-Anne Thomas, in response to questions on notice from expelled Liberal Moira Deeming, told Parliament that the RCH “DOES NOT provide or refer children to surgical treatment”.

The mother and the minister can’t both be right.

Family First has long called for the closure of Australia’s child gender clinics and for it to be unlawful to prescribe puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and perform gender reassignment surgery on minors.

ACTION: Join the political party that is fighting to protect children from radical LGBTIQA+ activists.