Peace comes when the opponent fully surrenders to your terms. - Dr David Adler

It was bad enough that the dangerous moral confusion in Australia since the barbarous slaughter of 1200 Israeli citizens was on display at the Opera House and on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne last week.

But yesterday it seeped into federal Parliament.

Two Teal MPs joined the Greens in voting to condemn Israel for committing alleged “war crimes”.

Kylea Tink and Sophie Scamps, both from the wealthy Sydney electorates of North Sydney and Mackellar, joined Tasmanian left-wing independent Andrew Wilke and the Greens in falsely accusing Israel of war crimes and calling for an immediate ceasefire.

With terrorist group Hamas using civilians as human shields, it is almost impossible for Israel to conduct the necessary military operation of destroying Hamas without casualties.

Allowing Hamas to continue to exist by ceasing military action is not an option.

Hamas exists to kill Jews and Christians.

As Australian Jewish Association President David Adler said, “Hamas has to be crushed”.

“It’s like ISIS. It’s (Israel’s ware against Hamas) like the allies dealt with the Nazis in the later part of World War II, even the way the US dealt with Imperial Japan after Pearl Harbour.

“Peace comes when the opponent fully surrenders to your terms.

“Hamas will probably have to be annihilated for that to occur,” Dr Adler said.