Teela Reid is the latest Voice radical to be exposed hiding in plain sight.

A favourite of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney, Reid blatantly thumbs her nose at all non-indigenous Australians in a quest to divide the nation.

A fellow architect of the Voice with fellow radical Thomas Mayo whom Fair Australia exposed two weeks ago, Reid also believes the Voice is about forcing “reparations” upon white people and “redistributing power”.

“First Nations want the power in their hands, that’s what the Voice is about,” Reid said in 2020.

“The Voice is a journey with all Australians to begin to demolish the systems that continue to oppress us.”

Also, like Mayo, Reid praises Communism, a political ideology based on Marxism responsible for the biggest slaughter of humans in history.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has praised both Mayo and Reid saying they were “remarkable people”.

Both sit on his Voice referendum working group and Mayo is a member of the board of Yes23, the official yes campaign.

Despite Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney saying the Voice would not touch Australia Day, Reid says it will abolish it if it wants to.

“It might be the Australian Government ‘preference’ to keep things like Australia Day, but trying to limit the scope of what the people can advocate for (through the Voice) to change is just stupid,” Reid Tweeted in April.

In a 2020 tweet, Reid called for “reckoning, reparations and land back”.

“F**k reconciliation,” she said at the time, before saying “burn your RAPs” - a reference to reconciliation action plans adopted by more than 2,400 Australian corporations.

As former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson said on Sky News this week, there is a “viciousness” about some in Aboriginal politics.

It’s clear those running the Voice referendum do not share Albanese’s view that the Voice is a “modest proposal”.