Statement from Lyle Shelton, lead candidate

The New South Wales Legislative Council election was declared yesterday.

Your Family First-backed independent group, which I had the privilege of leading, received 58,361 votes after final preferences were distributed.

This put us in the top three groups which missed out on seat.

Given that we were severely inhibited by being unable to have Family First’s name on the ballot paper due to the mandatory 16-month registration period for new parties, this was a very credible result.

I want to thank the 14 people who put their names forward for office with me – that took courage in this age of cancel culture of people who stand for family, faith, freedom and life.

Special thanks to the incredible team of volunteers who assisted at pre-poll and on election day.

Thanks also to everyone from around the nation who donated, allowing us to purchase valuable brand awareness through printed how-to-vote card and social media advertising.

Finally, thanks to those who pray – please keep it up!

Since its re-birth just over 18 months ago, Family First has performed well in three elections – South Australia, Victoria and NSW.

While we are yet to achieve parliamentary representation, we are determined to persist.

The major parties have abandoned the space when it comes to family, freedom, life and faith.

We will continue to be a bold voice outside of parliament as we organise for up-coming elections in Queensland, the ACT and Northern Territory over the next 18 months.

We are also finalising our federal party registration with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Your Family First’s work has only just begun.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted with the NSW campaign.