Masturbation advice for children is the latest offering from the ABC.

Why we need a public broadcaster to sexualise our kids is anyone’s guess.

Managing Director David Anderson justified it saying the ABC’s ABCQueer service for young people was funded from revenue provided from a deal with Facebook and Google.

But surely the ABC, which receives $1.3 billion per year from taxpayers, could use scant private sector revenue to reduce its massive drain on taxpayers rather than groom kids.

The ABC under chair Ita Buttrose has its priorities all wrong.

ABCQueer has produced a video for Instagram with explicit instructions.

Here’s how the Telegraph newspaper reported it (warning: graphic content):

“The video, posted on the ABCQueer platform, shows ABC Health’s Dr Naomi Koh Belic providing analysis on potential health benefits of masturbation while parading a handful of different vibrators

“In one section of the clip, Dr Belic explains the difference between the number of men who masturbate compared to women, while referring to ‘sausage strokers’ and ‘taco touchers’.

“She then urges female viewers to ‘close that gap whether you drive manual or auto’.

“Instagram is available for users who are as young as 13 years old.”

There’s a time and a place for discussions with children about sex.

Mainstream parents prefer to ensure their children receive balanced and healthy sex education that builds character and resilience for a flourishing life in the context of heterosexual marriage and family.

Promoting the hyper-sexualised ideology of sexual minorities to children is not the job of public broadcasting.

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