Breathless “reporting” by Herald Sun journalists Mitch Clarke and Holly Hales would have us believe they have a cache of “extreme emails” from newly elected Liberal Upper House MP Moira Deeming.

But read their story and they produce nothing. Nada.

It’s just a witch hunt against a female conservative Christian parliamentarian who is pro-life, doesn’t think babies belong in brothels and wants to protect girls and women from the radical trans agenda.

Deeming had the courage to say all this in a blockbuster maiden speech to Parliament this week.

Your sleuths Mitch and Holly have produced a nothing burger.

The most “extreme” email they came up with contained this line:

“I did not win (Liberal Party preselection) on merit … I won because God arranged it.”

Big deal. So she’s a Christian and believes in Divine Providence. Christians have believed that for 2000 years.

The story goes on to say Deeming has “harmful” views but gives no examples.

How is this rational?

How did it get past the subs desk at the Herald Sun? Journalism went out the window long ago, is the answer.

Mitch and Holly claim Deeming “expressed a fervent opposition to the LGQBTIQ++ community, in particular the transgender rights movement”.

Well, what are they?

Her views are perfectly mainstream.

Listen to the Maiden speech she gave yesterday and see if you can work out why the radical left is setting their hair on fire.

But there’s nothing there a mainstream Australian would not support.

Anti-trans rights? Deeming simply believes that there should be an inquiry into the harm experimental gender clinics are causing children.

Big deal. Anyone outside a five-kilometre radius of the CDB would agree.

Labor Premier Dan Andrews, who refuses to even listen to her speech can’t even bear to mention her name, such is his arrogance and holier than thou persona.

He went on a rant against her today when asked about these emails which no one has seen.

“I’m not here to try and explain that member of parliament’s views and I’m certainly not here to enter into a debate with that member of parliament because I learnt some time ago that there’s not much point having a debate with someone who makes up their own facts,” he said.

“We should always be mindful of the sort of damage that those views and this lecturing (can do).”

Andrews said Deemings views were “openly transphobic stuff” that hurt vulnerable people.

Yet Dan Andrews and the Herald Sun can’t say what these views are.

They can’t produce anything from her emails.

If anyone bothered to listen to her speech they would know the truth but the Herald Sun can’t afford to let its readers know what Deeming’s true beliefs are.

That might undermine the “progressive” narrative.

If Liberal Leader John Pesutto throws her under the bus, in the same way former leader Matthew Guy through Renee Heath, it will be another nail in the party of Menzies’ coffin.

Late this afternoon the Sun Herald reported the following response from Pesutto:

Mr Pesutto on Thursday confirmed he didn’t support Ms Deeming’s quest to hold an inquiry into transition practices in Victoria.
He also said he had no plans to make changes to the state’s abortion or gay conversion therapy laws.
But he refused to condemn Ms Deeming’s views on abortion, the transgender community and Victoria’s Safe Schools program which were outlined in a series of explosive emails obtained through Freedom of Information.
“I don’t agree with those views … I’m progressive, I’m modern, I’m inclusive, I love everybody and want everybody to have opportunities in our great state,” Mr Pesutto said.
“I say this to every Victorian, the Liberal Party I lead is one that wants to be a voice for everyone.
“I strongly support the LGBTI community. I was proud to march at the Pride March recently.”
Mr Pesutto said Ms Deeming would continue in her role as an upper house MP, but wouldn’t “engage in hypotheticals” about whether he would preselect her if he had been given the chance prior to the election.
“Moira was preselected by the Liberal Party last year. She’s a member of our team and she’ll go forward as a member of our team,” he said.
“I’ve had some good discussions with her and I think she understands the importance of us working as a team, and I look forward to having further discussions in the future.”

Anyone who knows anything about Sir Robert Menzies knows he would agree with Deeming on every point, not “progressive” Pesutto.

Sir Robert is probably rolling in his grave.