The biggest thing you and I must constantly fight is not the radical leftists which are taking our nation over a cliff.

The biggest fight is against our own sense of despair. Of course, things are bad – anyone with the ability to think critically can see this.

I can’t believe Australia has gotten to where it has in my lifetime.

Every day news breaks that is further proof our nation is going in the wrong direction.

Whether it’s the appointment this week in Victoria of an assistant minister for changing men’s behaviour, Queensland Premier Steven Miles reducing the cost of public transport to 50 cents a ride to buy votes, or Anthony Albanese’s cluster of incompetencies over immigration, inflation, debt, his pernicious attack on Christian schools or leaving our nation undefended militarily – there is no good news coming from our political class.

We are being governed by fools who have essentially capitulated to Green-left ideology on climate, gender and Australia’s legitimacy.

While Peter Dutton is showing some promising signs the Liberal party has been part of the problem.

The Coalition governed for nine years and gave us net zero policies which are driving our cost-of-living crisis.

Sure Labor has turbo charged this but it was the Coalition that put Scott Morrison on the plane to Glasgow in 2021 where he signed us up to a globalist deal that is driving the vandalism of our electricity grid.

The Coalition has been weak and woke on protecting girls, women and children from radical LGBTIQA+ activism and it has failed to protect religious freedom and the human rights of the unborn – the Liberals are at war with themselves on these fundamental cultural issues.

It’s not just internal cultural issues that threaten the nation. There are very real external threats that have crept up on us since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Tony Abbott puts it well in today’s Australian.

The Western democracies are now feeble and divided, having militarily, industrially, and even culturally disarmed in the years since their seeming triumph in the Cold War against the old Soviet Union. Facing unprecedented challenges – including a militarist dictatorship in Moscow, an Islamist dictatorship in Tehran, and a communist dictatorship in Beijing – this is clearly a “civilisational moment”.

Abbott went on to say:

This general decline of the West is the dispiriting background to our strategic disarray. People have never had more access to information, yet rarely been so ignorant; never been more materially rich, yet rarely more culturally and spiritually bereft. And whatever might distinguish today’s leaders – in business, the academe, the law, the military, and the church, no less than in politics – it’s rarely character, conviction and courage.

This to me goes to the nub or our present malaise. Leaders lack character, conviction and courage.

Conviction and courage operates from bad character on the left of politics – make no mistake.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus knows exactly what he is doing on behalf of LGBTIQA+ political activists as he prepares legislation in secret that will, if passed, destroy Christian and religious schools in our nation.

The character, conviction and courage is lacking on the centre right of the political spectrum to push back against the radicals and to fight for a better vision for the nation’s future.

A doctor can’t bring healing unless he or she looks at the ugly wound, diagnoses its cause and then prescribes a remedy.

But if all we do is consume political commentary without action, we will end up in a spiral of despair. I have to admit to feeling quite desperate for the state of our nation and our children’s future.

Our nation is listing badly because of the lack of courage and character amongst our political leaders right across the spectrum.

But we can’t just howl at the screens of our televisions or devices as we consume a diet of negativity.

My response to these bad trends over many years is to become politically active.

Despite the very clear totalitarian impulses of the radical left, we still have a democracy in this nation.

Those of us who believe that married, monogamous, heterosexual couples with their children form the most important and basic group unit of society need to get politically active and fight for the good, the true and the beautiful.

The left of politics from the Greens, Labor and even within the Liberals are fighting every day for the bad, the lies and the ugly.

How else can you describe what their transgender agenda, for example, is doing to children? How else can you describe the bi-partisan protection of abortion-to-birth in this nation? Euthanasia?

On economics there’s nothing good, true or beautiful about net zero which is driving up the cost of everything and littering the environment with Chinese made wind turbines and solar panels. I could go on.

There are beautiful and necessary things which make for a strong and prosperous nation which must be defended – not just defended – but promoted.

Instead of worrying about the bad leaders we have today, Family First is focussed on raising political leaders who will replace them.

That’s why, with a growing team of committed and sacrificial volunteers, a group of us are working to build a political party that will stand candidates at up-coming elections in Queensland, the ACT and federally.

If you want to join a movement that will fight for family, faith, freedom and life – for a better future for our kids - go to and click the “get involved” tab.

Consuming political commentary without political action is the pathway to despair.

Taking political action is the pathway to hope.

There are no problems in Australia that can’t be fixed with character, conviction and courage.