Children should not be exposed to LGBTIQA+ ideology at school, according to the Family First party.

Reports of bestiality being discussed with year nine girls at Renmark High in South Australia this week as part of an LGBTIQA+-inspired “respectful relationships” class show how out of touch education departments are with mainstream parents.

Parents are the primary educators of their children - it is not for schools to induct them into the radical sexual ideas of the LGBTIQA+ political movement.

The ABC reports that in an unsupervised class conducted by a representative of the Headspace organisation, the first PowerPoint slide shown to the children read:

“You can see queerly now' and 'No point hiding.'"

Fourteen-year-old Emelia Wundenberg said the presenter was graphic about her own sexuality and wanting to be intimate with people of the same sex.

"There was a slide for what the 'plus' (in LGBTIQA+) means, and they just started randomly saying words that no-one knew, like bestiality," Emelia said.

Leaders of the rainbow political movement need to explain whether or not that is true, because if it is, there should be no tolerance to public displays of a flag which promotes sex with animals.

The ABC reported:

The students said bestiality was then explained in detail and the presenter seemed to imply it was something practised by people who identified as LGBTQIA+.

"They said [the queer community] just accepts all of it, even though … isn't it illegal?" Emelia said.

As the talk went on multiple girls, including Courtney, began to feel uncomfortable and asked to leave the classroom to "go to the bathroom".

"We're all just sitting there like, 'What the hell? What are we doing here? Why are we learning about animals having sex with humans?'" she said.

"It was really disgusting, it was really uncomfortable."

Emelia said many of those who asked to leave the classroom did not return.

Bestiality seems to be part of LGBTIQA+ culture. Family First last year called out the then Perrottet Liberal Government for funding events associated with Sydney World Pride which included animal fetish parties.

Schools should be teaching children to read, write and do maths, not inducting them into queer ideologies which seem to also include human-animal sex.

Former Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi was unfairly mocked by same-sex marriage activists when he pointed out that if “love is love”, what is to prevent polyamory, polygamy and bestiality?

Those same same-sex marriage activists need to explain to mainstream parents why their “respectful relationships” curriculum includes teaching children about sex with animals.

It is clear that LGBTIQA+-inspired programs are inappropriate for use in schools.

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