Family First stands candidates at elections to champion heterosexual marriage and the good this uniquely provides children.

This project has been largely abandoned by the Labor, Liberal and National parties thanks to their capitulation to radical political correctness.

As a result, public parks and spaces in major cities are now overrun with “pride” festivals celebrating gender fluidity and radical sexual expressionism, as Family First supporters from Brisbane and Canberra pointed out to me this week.

In contrast, Family First exists to promote economic and social policy which strengthens married mothers and fathers in the raising of their children.

People are of course free to make their own lifestyle choices – we don’t seek to impose anything on anyone.

But we do seek to use our democratic freedoms to propose that our society prioritise and incentivise the family, as understood across cultures and religions for millennia.

We submit that if we fail to do this, our society is doomed.

Strong families make strong nations.

Those promoting alternative lifestyle experiments mock defenders of the innocence of children as “homophobes” as they celebrate their sexualised “pride” festivals.

Families in the Wynnum area of Brisbane’s bay side are concerned.

One father emailed me to say a group was considering “protesting the use of council resources and local and state funding for an event called ‘Bay Pride’ and whether a children’s park is the most appropriate setting.”

Mothers and fathers concerned for the welfare of children rightly bristle at festivals which publicly promote sexuality.

Organisers of “pride” festivals use their democratic freedoms and often they secure taxpayer funding for their events.

They use their news outlets like QNews to generate headlines such as: “Homophobes target Bay Pride’s march in Wynnum”.

The Local state Labor MP Joan Pease was quoted saying she condemned the “homophobic” and “transphobic” backlash.

“Homophobic and transphobic beliefs are not representative of our kind, caring and inclusive community.

“Do not stand for this bullying, out-of-step mentality.”

This is designed to intimidate, marginalise and demonise mothers and fathers who have a legitimate view - grounded in sociology, anthropology and history - about what is in the best interests of children.

Parents fed up with their children being indoctrinated at school into radical sexual and gender fluid concepts are not “homophobic” or “transphobic”, they are good parents.

There should be vigorous debate about whether these festivals and their sexualised drag queens are a public good or not.

In addition to robust and respectful debate, it would be good if communities who valued heterosexual marriage and family created events which celebrated this.

It would not be “homophobic” to do this.

A society that does not take pride in its ability to encourage heterosexual monogamous marriage has a death wish.

The public space should be filled with celebrations of the good, the true and the beautiful.

How did we let the public space become overrun with sexual expressionism and harmful gender-fluid ideology?

At Family First, we have determined that one of the best ways to fight back is to organise politically.

That’s why Family First’s Jane Foreman is standing in tomorrow’s Mulgrave by-election in Melbourne. Unless we contest elections and over time succeed in having parliamentarians elected who will fight for the good of heterosexual marriage in public policy, we will continue to be drowned out by those leveraging the public purse and public space to promote harmful alternatives.