Today’s conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records marks a terrible moment in American history.

This event underscores the deep politicisation of the judiciary and the toxic polarisation of US politics.

It’s a debilitating trend that not only destabilises the political landscape but also undoubtedly strengthens Trump’s bid for the White House.

This will be to the chagrin of those back-room geniuses who orchestrated this political witch hunt.

Family First does not endorse Trump's personal character. His actions and past behaviour often fall short of the moral and ethical standards we hold dear.

However, it is undeniable that his policies have been beneficial for America and the Western world.

His stance on issues such as economic growth, national security, the unborn, religious freedom and family values resonates with many who feel disenfranchised by the current political elite.

His willingness to stand up to the globalist elites who are driving harmful woke agendas on climate alarmism, open borders, fair trade and LGBTIQA+ ideology is rare and a much needed example which stiffens the spines of other Western leaders.

The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s decision to bring this case against Trump, despite its evident legal weaknesses, appears to be a politically motivated move. This case, described as a “bizarre turducken” of legal arguments, seems designed more to damage Trump’s political viability than to serve justice.

Such actions erode public trust in the judicial system and set a dangerous precedent for future political prosecutions.

Many voters, even those who are critical of Trump’s character, will view this conviction as yet another example of the leftist elite’s attempt to silence and discredit him.

This perception can galvanize Trump’s support base, driving them to the polls in greater numbers out of a sense of injustice and defiance.

Family First believes that America needs a leader with Trump’s courage and tenacity to challenge the entrenched leftist elites who currently dominate American and global politics.

His willingness to confront these powers head-on is a necessary force for change.

While his methods and personality are often contentious, the positive impact of his policies cannot be dismissed.

They revitalised the economy, strengthened national security, and upheld the values that are foundational to Western society.

In conclusion, the politicisation of the judiciary and the resulting polarisation of American politics pose significant challenges.

However, these very challenges might fuel Trump’s resurgence, proving that attempts to undermine him could backfire spectacularly.