In a riveting speech delivered in Sydney as part of mining magnate Clive Palmer’s “Australian freedom tour”, US political commentator Tucker Carlson urged Australians to safeguard their nation's democratic values against an increasingly arrogant elite ruling class.

Carlson's address, laden with both humour and gravity, touched upon the pressing issues of political power, democracy, and the underlying spiritual battle he perceives in contemporary politics.

Carlson's primary concern is the erosion of democracy by those in power. He emphasized that democracy is fundamentally about the people owning their country and having a say in its governance.

Carlson warned that those in power often ignore the will of the people to pursue their agendas, which undermines the essence of democratic governance.

"In a democracy, you don't have to do everything the majority wants every moment, but over time, if what you're doing bears no relationship with what the majority wants, then you know for a fact it's not a democracy. It's an oligarchy."

Beyond the political, Carlson delved into what he believes are spiritual forces at play in the current global landscape.

He suggested that the drive to destroy beauty and discourage people from having children indicates a deeper, more sinister agenda.

"If your goal is to hurt people, prevent them from having children, and destroy things that are beautiful, that's not a political agenda, actually. That's a spiritual agenda."

Carlson's invocation of spiritual warfare highlights his belief that the struggle for political power is intertwined with a broader, more profound battle between good and evil.

This perspective adds a layer of urgency to his call for Australians to remain vigilant and protective of their democratic and cultural values.

Carlson also criticized the role of media in shaping public perception and discourse. He accused the media of acting as gatekeepers of reality, often working in tandem with political parties to push specific agendas.

"Our media are not just observers of reality or describers of reality. They are the gatekeepers to reality. You don't know what the world looks like except through them."

He urged Australians to be sceptical of the media and to challenge the narratives being presented, advocating for a more discerning and questioning approach to information.

One of Carlson's strongest appeals was for Australians to fiercely protect their freedom of speech. He warned that the loss of this fundamental right would lead to a society where dissent is suppressed, and the truth is obscured.

"Do not let them take your freedom of speech away. My strong advice to you is whatever they're saying that you can't say, that you calmly say it. No matter what."

Carlson's insistence on speaking the truth, regardless of the consequences, underscores his belief in the power of free expression as a cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

Tucker Carlson's speeches given all over Australia these past couple of weeks are a powerful call to action for Australians to safeguard their democracy against both political overreach and spiritual decay.

By emphasizing the importance of democracy, the threat of unchecked power, and the need to protect freedom of speech, Carlson provided a compelling narrative for why Australians must remain vigilant and proactive in preserving their nation's values.

His message resonates not only with Australians but with anyone who values democratic principles and the fight against tyranny.

In these challenging times, Carlson's words serve as a reminder that the preservation of democracy requires constant vigilance, courage, and a commitment to the truth.