Terms like “chest feeding” which demean mothers will be dropped by Britain’s National Health Service in its latest push-back on harmful LGBTIQA+ ideology.

It comes just weeks after the NHS banned the use of puberty blockers on gender-confused children in the wake of the Cass Review which found LGBTIQA+ gender clinics were harming children.

Family First continues to call on Australian politicians to act to protect children, women and girls.

Biological males identifying as women will no longer be allowed to access female hospital wards in the changes made this week to the NHS constitution.

The UK’s Health Secretary Victoria Atkins said language the NHS uses should 'be clear and make sense to people', and not 'eradicate women'.

Here in Australia LGBTIQA+ activist groups like Equality Australia continue to hold sway over frightened politicians.

Meanwhile NSW Labor upper house member Greg Donnelly has failed to move his government’s health minister to act against child gender clinics failing to provide data about the children it is treating.

The Australian reported this week:

NSW’s Health Minister will take no immediate action to rectify deficiencies in record keeping at the regional gender clinic Maple Leaf House despite the government and senior clinicians overseeing the service having no idea how many teenagers are being placed on cross-sex hormones.

The Australian revealed on Monday that Maple Leaf House has no data on how many children it is putting on the hormone therapy or what their sexes were at birth, despite taking in the vast bulk of NSW teenagers who want to change gender.

The service responded to NSW Labor MP Greg Donnelly, who sought basic numbers under Freedom of Information laws, saying it had discovered “nil” documents when running a search of its records to check those details.

Mr Donnelly later challenged the lack of data provided in a NSW tribunal, and the NSW Crown Solicitor’s office told him Maple Leaf House could not reveal the number of adolescents prescribed cross-sex hormone drugs, given to older teenagers because “there is no extractable data field in the Patient Information System” used by the service in relation to the prescription of such drugs and “nor is a manual register maintained with respect to this information”.

Every other state gender service provided numbers to Mr Donnelly on the provision of cross-sex hormones, which cause infertility among other irreversible effects. Mr Donnelly branded the NSW health department’s failure to provide the numbers for Maple Leaf House as “nothing short of a scandal”.

“Maple Leaf House operational procedures make the UK’s failed Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic’s look good,” he said.

Family First has been calling on governments to close child gender clinics and prohibit treating gender confused children with harmful puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and irreversible surgery.

Australia is lagging behind the UK, other European countries and many states in the United States which now protect children from these harmful practices.

The lack of action by Australian politicians is only enabling the on-going harm of children.

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