The Family First Party has reiterated its opposition to the Voice to parliament and executive government proposed by Labor.

As families continue to struggle with the rising cost of living, divisive assertions about the Voice’s powers by one of its architects, Thomas Mayo, an Albanese Government-appointee to the Voice referendum working group, have emerged.

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Mayo is one of the drafters of the referendum question Australians will be asked to vote on in October.
However, his public statements and affiliations raise serious concerns about the underlying objectives of the Voice.

Mayo's declarations of intent to “keep going until we change the system, until we tear down the institutions that harm our people” could be construed as a call for dismantling the very foundations of Australian society.

No one seriously asserts there are institutions wilfully harming indigenous Australians or Australians of any other racial background for that matter.

Mayo has stated the Voice is about punishing politicians who decline to take its advice and that it is about extracting “reparations” and “compensation” from non-indigenous Australians.

Such a stance may lead to social unrest and a significant loss of unity in our nation.

The Family First Party reaffirms its commitment to the well-being and rights of Indigenous Australians
We support reconciliation and recognition in the Constitution but not enshrining a race-based Voice.

Mayo's public acknowledgement of the Communist Party's influence on his activism further deepens our concern.

While an ABC journalist, Dana Morse, this week falsely claimed genocide of indigenous people was "ongoing", Mayo seems unaware that Communist governments are responsible for actual genocides - the most atrocious in human history in terms of the body count.

The Family First Party strongly believes in the principles of democracy, free markets, and individual rights and responsibility – principles that stand in stark contrast to the ideals of communism.

The party firmly oppose any attempt to introduce elements of this ideology into Australia’s Constitution, implicitly or otherwise.

Sadly the Voice seems to be motivated by critical race theory, an offshoot of Marxism, the ideology that animated the murderous bloody communist regimes of the 20th Century.

The Family First Party believes in equality and justice for all Australians, regardless of their ethnic background or racial heritage.

However, we are understandably cautious about initiatives underpinned by a theory that fundamentally stems from communist ideology.

We cannot support an initiative that potentially divides our society based on race, rather than unifying it.
We call on all Australians to engage in a reasoned and balanced debate about the proposed Voice legislation.

We must avoid any rush to amend our Constitution without fully understanding the potential long-term implications.

The Family First Party remains dedicated to achieving genuine improvements in the lives of Indigenous Australians. However, we believe that this goal can be achieved without disrupting the unity and social harmony that underpin our nation.