SBS normalises harmful ideology.

There is a film running on SBS currently titled ‘A Perfectly Normal Family’.

The only problem is, there is nothing normal about this.

The film follows a family living in Denmark whose father decides to give up his life as Thomas to live as a transgender woman and become the colourful ‘Agnete’.

The storyline revolves around the younger of his two daughters, whom is a preteen at the time, struggling to process this change.

What follows is absolutely heartbreaking and revealing about the enormous burden placed on children in such a situation.

Unlike her older sibling, Caroline, Emma struggles to simply adjust and take her father’s transition in her stride.

It is painstaking to watch as young Emma struggles to even verbalise her dissent let alone have it validated in any way.

Few concessions are made for her by anyone, least of all Agnete.

Her carefree childhood is upended as she is forced to grapple with her parents’ divorce, (which is blamed entirely on her mother incidentally), a household move and her father’s transition.

And yet the problem here, is her. She is the one being a selfish child.

Emma has no say or power as the person she has known for her whole life as Dad now exerts himself into her life and amongst her peers as a fully grown man dressed as a woman.

It seems the producers expect the viewers to consider that any distress caused to Emma, is an acceptable price to pay for the greater good, which is of course, Agnete’s validation in his newfound identity.

There is one particularly disturbing scene where Agnete takes Emma to the beach and when Emma asks Agnete to come swimming, he does so topless, as a woman.

Her embarrassment means absolutely nothing to Agnete.

Although few words are spoken, the embarrassment and upset experienced by Emma and caused by Agnete, is felt over and over throughout this film.

The film tries desperately to portray Agnete as a loving parent who is deeply concerned for Emma’s wellbeing but has no hope of achieving this when it is all too clear that the one thing, she desperately needs to make her world right again is her father to be her father above his own fantasies.

If you are yet to understand how damaging the transgender agenda is for families, this film will blow your socks off and have you writhing in equal parts anger and empathy for young Emma.

It is a sorry state that there are no adults anywhere advocating for Emma.

Her mother makes rare cameos and all the other grownups, as well as most of her peers, have just accepted the transgender dogma in its entirety.

Any issue Emma has with what his happening is hers to deal with and hers alone.

If this movie is intended to illustrate the unfair and heavy burden placed onto the shoulders of children of a transitioning parent, then they have illustrated it perfectly.

If the producers of this film thought that this film portrays ‘A Perfectly Normal family’ then yikes, our children are in big trouble.

Family First is deeply concerned for the welfare of children and the many ways that the transgender philosophy harms them.

Children's primal needs must be prioritised above the fanciful desires of the adults in their lives.

If you want to be a voice for children like Emma, who are being harmed as this agenda steamrolls ahead trampling all in its wake, then join us.